What Makes a Successful Freelancer?

Freelance means work with not being committed to a particular employee for a long time. Guest Blogger, Paul Smith says that the pros and cons of freelance have been described many times already.

So the person who decides to make the first step to desired freedom knows already the possible benefits as well as the downsides. But what is often out of sight is this question:

are you the same kind of person who will find it suitable and enjoyable to earn a living from freelancing?successful freelancing from home

Successful freelancers all have something in common, so, before telling your boss all you think about him, consider if you are the person who:

1.    Is a good negotiator. As a freelancer, you don’t only do your part of the job and hand it to your boss. Your task is not only to do, but to sell. So, you’ll definitely need a skill to discuss and charge your work.

2.    Is well-motivated. Many of us are so used to the supervision and stimulus like bonuses and threat of dismission that when we stay at home trying to work in our home offices, the things go slow and non-effective.  In this case, the successful freelancer realizes his purposes clearly.

3.    Is highly organized. Working remotely is the same as working from home in an organised way. And if you don’t want your freelancing experience to turn into the working at half-strength interspersed with doing a lot in the short time trying to meet the tight deadline, you’ll need to plan your time strictly and keep to your schedule. Non-working atmosphere is relaxing, but you need to be even more organized. Set your tasks, put the terms to them, range them, and never get distracted. Otherwise you won’t even notice the benefits of freelancing.

4.     Is a good leader. Are you a good leader of yourself? As a freelance, you’ll be in constant need of the basic leader of a business: choose your partners, get a good reputation and managing and developing your business. The last is not the least really and is often is out of sight. Freelance can make a very successful career, but then you will need to do what any business does: planning, constant progress, clients’ loyalty and promotion.

5.    Not just waits for orders, but promotes himself. To be successful sometimes all you need is to be available at the right time. So, don’t save the efforts on your online promotion: build your LinkedIn profile and other social media marketing profiles, promote yourself via a blog, etc.

6.    Builds his business reputation. When the people choose among the variety of people with a similar level of knowledge and experience, the question of personal qualities usually arises. Are you a pleasant person to work with? Do you have a positive feedback and recommendations? If so, then you’re already one step ahead.

To work as a freelancer and become successful in your freelancing consultancy, you’ll need to be a good specialist in your field, that’s for sure. But, in addition to it, you’ll need to be organized and determined to make your freelance a success.

About the author: Paul Smith is an author and you can askessay.com from him. He is a blogger who has travelled a lot and ready to share his freelancing knowledge.