Work At Home Mummy Bloggers

There are hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of mums and dads around the world who are part of a massive community of active parenting bloggers.

Their blogs may be about a wide range of topics from juggling the daily successes and trials and tribulations of raising kids to their challenges and successes of running a home based business.

So this got me thinking about my own mummy blogging scenario ...

Sometimes, when a freelancing deadline is looming yet I’m still staring at a blank computer screen because my three year old son is standing on the chair next to me telling me a long and drawn-out story about Thomas the Tank Engine for the fifteenth time that morning, I question the wisdom of my decision to be a home working mum. 

I have to admit I hated the job I was in before I went on maternity leave and started freelancing at home.

But as my small boy’s story progresses to one of trains perilously falling down mines and off cliffs, and I murmur ‘Really?’ repeatedly, I can’t help but suddenly long for the relative peace and quiet of an office full of adults focusing on their work.

Then I catch myself thinking this ... what on earth? Surely I’m not regretting becoming a freelancing Mum whose home office desk also doubles as a dining room table?!

To restore my faith in the choice I have made I quickly run through a list of the benefits of working from home ...

  • choosing my hours
  • not having to take my lunch when the rota tells me
  • picking what assignments I work on
  • no more boring compulsory meetings

These are just the first few that spring to mind. I can certainly work up a long list when I put my mind to it.

But now Winnie the Pooh and Piglet have just arrived in the Thomas story and I need to keep my working from home motivation – so I turn to the internet and Google the steadily increasing band of mums who have also chosen the work from home life

These same band of mums are blogging about all sorts of news on a daily basis.  

Work from home Mums are not alone!

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of home working mummy bloggers that talk about the hard parts of combining home working and child-rearing, but there’s also much more about why it’s just damn brilliant as well!


Some Mummy Blogs To Spy On

As an all-round ‘keep going’ type of blog, Business Amongst Mums gives good business adviceCombine home working with child rearing, and blog about it for parents who work from home. They also look at more personal things like juggling it all, with helpful suggestions for the common problems us work at home mums face.

Mummy blog problems come in different shapes and sizes, such as how to continue working with a sick child or how to survive the school holidays and still get your freelance work finished on time!

The Mummy Blogger is a social media home worker who writes with heart about the guilt most parents feel when they have to choose work over spending time with their child, but counters that nicely with some top reasons for why working from home is such a good thing for stay at home mums.

Not only do work from home mums’ blogs often make inspiring reading, but each post is likely to have comments enabled.

Of course this means you can continue to soak up thoughts and opinions from other peers, making you realise you’re not alone in your choice as a stay at home or work from home mum.

And that’s a key point in being a work from home mum – YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Know any more great mummy bloggers? Do please let me know in the comments below.


Benefits For Mummy Bloggers

Mummy blogging allows you to cheer or vent whenever you choose, and using social networks helps you to connect and reach out to others who know exactly how you feel. 

There’s an army of us Mummy Bloggers out there, simultaneously juggling a satisfying ‘adult’ work at home life, whilst seeing to the demands of our children, and keeping a home running at the same time.

So come on all you hard at it mummies – keep blogging. Share your working at home struggles so we can emphasise and support each other. And share your home business triumphs so we can celebrate with you and remind ourselves why we do it!

So all together now (chant with me): we’re home workers, we’re freelancers, we’re home business entrepreneurs – we’re multi-tasking mums and what’s more, we’re bloomin’ great at it.

Now blog off and tell the world!

We at iHubbub are always on the lookout for Mumpreneurs with a story to tell – so contact us and let us know why we should feature you!