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About Richard

Since 2006 I have been working from home full time after quitting my job as a electronics technician in a plastic blow molding factory. Over the years I have taught both my sons to earn incomes using the internet, as well as many others.

I have built up various different networks in MLM companies in excess of 4000 members but unfortunately most of them folded. In the past few years I became an SEO writer and product reviewer and researcher for companies in health and beauty niches and others, and this experience prompted me to continue in this vein.

Currently I provide advice for work from home online and manage many websites and blogs in this niche and many others. I don't make a big deal about how much I earn as a work from home dad, but quietly help others where ever I can.


  • Anyone Can Work From Home with The Right Mindset!






Searching for my own destiny! Such busy life. Working for a...