How to Post Your eBooks on iHubbub

If you would like to post your eBook on any subject that may help iHubbub's home working members or home businesses, please get in touch with us below.

We are keen to feature eBooks that will help with the following:Upload your eBooks to help iHubbub's home working and home business members

Remote, mobile and home workers:
Career and Interview Advice
Setting and running a home office

Home Businesses and Web Owners
Setting up a home business or website
How to run a home business
How to run an ecommerce online business
Advice and tutorials on creating a successful business
Start-up guidance
Financing a small business

Any other help and advice for web owners, start-ups, virtual businesses and home businesses will be most helpful to our home working members.

Good luck and welcome aboard iHubbub's eBooks.

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In a few sentences describe what the eBook is about, who it will appeal to, how it will help them and why the viewer should read it. Use this space to really sell the key benefits of your eBook and use bullet points to break down the text to make it easier to read.