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There is stacks of great stuff happening on iHubbub's online social business network! Take a quick peek at all that is on offer if you join us or become a member of iHubbub.

Essentially, we are all about connecting remote workers, home workers, virtual companies, freelance consultants as well as home based businesses to network, engage and support each other.

Social Networking

Use our site as your link to any other social media platform. Your tweets, blogs and micro posts are sent out to your other social media streams with the click of a button.

We won't blab on and on about how great iHubbub is - just take a look for yourself.

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ConnectConnect with other home workers and home based businesses on iHubbub's social network

Our Connect area offers members the chance to socialise online with groups (set up your own if you can't find one that suits you) and Shout For Help, both in our Forums and in our Think Tank.

If you love being involved in your local community, find out more about writing for us or becoming an Ambassador.  Also check out the latest mood ratings in our Moodometer and pop over to our Bean Gallery to see what other members are up when counting their beans.

Get your Network listed in our Directory to showcase your networking group on iHubbub and list all your local, regional and online events free.

Community Members Connect with other home workers and home based businesses on iHubbub's social network

Join iHubbub to find other home workers and home based businesses in your town or region. You may even want to meet people in similiar business situations to you - even if they are on the other side of the world!


iHubbub is actively recruiting Home Working Ambassadors around the world to spread the word about the home working revolution, to promote home working and home based businesses. Why not be your own boss and earn an income at the same time.

If you run a network or small home business or even a freelance consultancy and are active in your local area, this could be the ideal role for you.

Jobs   Find jobs on iHubbub's social network for home based working

Do you work from home? If not, have a good ol' nose through our extensive list of home working jobs. We offer you the chance to find freelance jobs, Home Business opportunities or if you prefer to work remotely, that can be done  too.

It's all possible with iHubbub's huge job market - we are the largest job engine aiming to find you every opportunity for being self employed.

Why wait? Show off your freelancing skills and home working expertise to our visitors, employers, recruiters and home business members with a Skills Pitch.

Experts get your

Browse for an expert on iHubbub or find out more about becoming an industry expert on iHubbub.

Our experts provide information, comments, experience, expert skills, specialist knowledge and analysis on news subjects, current affairs and specialist products and services.

Journalists are always on the hunt for expertise - yours can be featured in the media if you sign up as an expert.


Media Get media attention for your freelance consultancy

This is where iHubbub excels and streaks ahead of any social network out there! We have gone to great lengths to bring you the best media benefitst possible.

We have been in the same shoes as you - as a small and growing business we understand how important it is to get noticed by the media. So, just take a look at what we have our media smorgasbord!

Publicity Club
Get your home business or home workers into the news via our Publicity Club.

Members News
For free publicity try our Member's News Room, which is a portal for journalists to pick up on news from home businesses and home workers around the world.

Have you posted your News and Press Releases in our Member's News Room yet? We can help you get your home working story and home business pitch into Google News. And our site is used as a portal for journalists who want to get in touch with the home working world.

Give it a go now, by posting your news story which only takes a minute or two. Read our Member's News Guidelines to take advantage of our search engine optimisation benefits to all members.

Training Courses  Teach iHubbub's home working members with training courses and webinars

Hubbub is focused on learning new skills and finding ways you can teach yourself what you need to know to improve yourself and grow your freelance or home based business. 

We are actively looking for training partners to help our members with everyday basic skill training.

This can include everything from how to use software and hardware right up to advanced topics and comprehensive studies on digital marketing, finance planning and business management.

We are working to bring you some excellent and helpful topics from a range of trainers and coaches. They will be in the form of webinars and training videos.

We will feature our future online training courses here so keep an eye on this page - we will spill the beans and tell you all about the exciting new training workshops we have planned for you shortly!

If you are a trainer or business coach you may want to submit a training proposal to us and bring your training courses to our audience.

Have a quick read of our training webinar guidelines and then go ahead and give us your training webinar proposal. We look forward to receiving it!


Articles Add your articles and content to iHubbub's online social network

Share your passion and energy for your business with an article on iHubbub or giving us a proposal to write for us.

Remember, our home working visitors and home business members are constantly on the hunt for practical insights and valuable tips which you may have learnt from hard 'learnt and earnt' experience.

We welcome you to share your ideas with exciting, creative articles that also cover recent developments in your industry expertise.

Submit your proposal for a regular column here or add your article to our Life Style area now. Or check out how your product or service can be reviewed on our site and showcased to the home working revolution!

iHubbub site invites you to cover the home working world the way it should be covered. We need you. This is too exciting to ignore!

You get to be the author, the reporter, and share your knowledge by writing articles about:

  • Your experience
  • Your local insight
  • Your unique view of the world

After all, you make up the lifeblood of your region and no one knows your area better than you. That’s why iHubbub provides an opportunity for Ambassadors to share their own local insights.

Here, you can become a guest contributor and write stories about your local home businesses, events and networks groups that deserve to be featured and any upcoming stories that will interest iHubbub members.

Social publishing in action!

Directory Add your home business to iHubbub's online social network

Check out our Cosmopolitan Directory of home businesses, virtual companies, freelance consultants and remote or mobile workers and home workers across the globe who support each others challenges, share skills and experience and celebrate new opportunities.

Add your Home Working Directory listing to ensure you or your home business or freelance consultancy is found by browsers who want to support home workers and home based businesses. Check out our guidelines to see how we optimise your page for you, without you having to do a thing.

Market Square Buy, sell and swap services in iHubbub's online social network market square

The iHubbub Market Square gives all remote workers, home workers, virtual companies, freelance consultants as well as home based businesses the chance to buy, sell and swap products and services.

Start by placing an Ad for wanted items or Swap collaborations. You can also advertise any product or service for sale.


See what we mean - there is tons of good stuff going on here - so what's keeping you? You should be a member by now - best part - it's FREE!

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