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The Beginner’s Guide to Roadside Emergency Services
Emergencies happen when you least expect them. One minute you’re driving down the road and the next your car has encountered a mechanical problem. When this scenario occurs, a roadside assistance service will prove to be important.
Depending on the company, the services offered by roadside emergency businesses may vary. However, these often include the following:
Towing – On the occasion that your vehicle is unable to operate due to severe mechanical issues, many companies offer towing services to transfer your car to the nearest auto repair shop. Towing can also be availed when the vehicle runs out of gas and is needed to be transported to a nearby gas station.
Changing of tires – According to statistics, there are 220 million flat tires that happen each year in the United States. Every driver is sure to experience a flat tire, which is why most roadside emergency services offer tire changes for customers who are hesitant to attempt a DIY approach.
Lost keys – Have you experienced getting locked outside your car because you left the keys inside? Worry not, because roadside services also offer locksmith services. With the rise of technology, car doors have become more secure and thus more difficult to forcibly open. This is why it’s incredibly important to trust only the experts when it comes to retrieving your keys from inside the vehicle.
Jump-starting the battery – A dead car battery could leave you stranded for hours. Jump-starting the battery yourself might prove dangerous, not to mention inconvenient. When you find yourself in this situation, do not panic. Roadside emergency companies are capable of assisting you in jump-starting your battery.
Winching – Have you experienced getting your car stuck in mud or snow? You may choose to winch the car yourself, but when done carelessly, it might cost you more money in repairs if you accidentally damage your vehicle. Providers of roadside emergency services are knowledgeable when it comes to this task. Not only do they have the proper tools needed to winch your car, but they are also aware of certain factors that affect towing capacity such as the vehicle’s weight, the surface, and the number of working wheels.
A family-owned business based in California, J & T Towing offerstowing and roadside services in the areas of Fairfield, Vacaville, and Suisun City. Customers can avail themselves of 24-hour assistance with just one phone call. If you’re in a hurry to get back on the road, J & T Towing delivers on its promise.