Katrina Blunt

Founder, BelleBelly Ltd, incubative

Remote or Home Worker.

About Katrina

BelleBelly Ltd

BelleBelly was created and founded by mum of two Katrina whilst she was pregnant with her second daughter.

Katrina bought a couple of bump bands when she was pregnant with her first baby in 2006 but they just made her feel even bigger than she was already feeling. They certainly couldn’t be worn whilst breastfeeding so ended up banished to her knicker drawer never to be worn again.

When pregnant with her second baby in 2008, Katrina set about finding some clothing that she could feel confident and comfortable in. She wanted something she could use to cover her belly when her normal clothes were getting tight, and cover her up when she was breastfeeding.

Katrina couldn’t find anything in the UK so set about designing the item herself.

BelleBelly was launched in May 2010 and continues to grow every month. Katrina prides herself on offering good quality products and fantastic customer service, which is reflected in the customer feedback BelleBelly receives.

BelleBelly became BelleBelly Ltd in Feb 2013.

Incubative is a consultancy run by Katrina helping start ups to start up and small businesses to grow.
Incubative is totally and utterly devoted to the generation of ideas. We're in the business of helping people create their 'eureka' moment if one hasn't come naturally yet.
What we do is take you through a proven process which will result in you coming up with tens of hundreds of thousands of ideas. And then you'll work through them to pick the best ones for you to develop further (we can help you with that too).

Once you have your chosen business idea, or if you have one already, we can help you pull your idea apart, put it back together again bigger and better and mentor you every step of the way to market. We can help you put together your marketing and communications plans to work out the best way to get your product or service out to your customers and start generating income. And then help you start shouting about your business too.

We work with small to medium sized businesses who are looking for new ideas to help their businesses grow and stay ahead of the competition.

We also work with individuals. In the current economic climate jobs are scarce and unemployment is rising. Many people are successfully setting up their own businesses to earn income. You can do this too.
And then we help you choose the right ideas to get to market fast. Ideas for you to turn into new income streams or a whole new business.


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