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About Kevin

Like many back in 2010 my partner and I lost our businesses at different times. This happened due to the downturn in work because of the impact of the credit crunch and the recession that followed. Since then I have been in and out of employment and have attempted to survive with business ventures but having no collateral to assist, the ideas have come and gone. The frustrating thing is the business ideas have been proven to be good ones via other sources. I have always helped others and given many people practical advice who have gone on to make successes of their business ideas which is satisfying yet rather downbeat for me because I do often think that could have been me. I am in an unusual position at the moment because for all my advice and experience I find myself in between work and because of my time spent out of work my income support and contribution have I am told,expired, therefore cannot claim any benefits. I have had to resort to applying for National Insurance Credits which is not a particular good idea for the future when I want to retire because these credits are deducted from my Pension. Still I look upwards and onwards and keep optimistic in the hope life's hiccups will balance themselves out.
My interests vary but the most influential areas of work in my life are alternative treatments, computers, the environment and sport.
Whilst I have been in and out of work over the last 3 years I have studied alternative treatment and to my amazement I have read stories of great encouragement to those that have ignored the traditional medication and have looked shall we say outside the box. Having read their stories and studied many internet articles and bought a book that intrigued me and made absolute sense, I have come to the conclusion there are many cures let alone treatments out there that everyone should be open to and consider. For those who think they or someone they know is a hopeless case should think again and look up the internet and search for cures for their ailments including all the big diseases of life. They appear to be under our noses but have been hidden or ridiculed by the Pharmacy Companies or others who gain to lose out if their chemicals are not sold over the counter. As for computing, I have always been fascinated by technology although not all serve a worthwhile purpose. Certainly computers mimic the human brain but haven't quite taken over just yet. I taught myself the basics of computers and Microsoft Office programs. It's like anything you are learning to do, once you know it it's really easy to use and you wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. I love trying to create databases in Microsoft Access and Excel and know enough for what I need to know. I guess that is the beauty of computing and software, it's flexible for you to decide if you want to expand your knowledge for other peoples purposes or of course a business or if the program does enough for your needs without having to learn more. This depends on what your business needs are I guess unless you use them in abundance on a personally basis. Word in particular for letters is I am sure the most used. Most databases are created for business use but of course if you need to keep a log of household costs or a CD/DVD collection then for basic records you could quite easily create a spread sheet for these purposes. I also enjoy creating freeware websites though I have created a few professional sites for people I know, generally I use the DIY website wizards and to my surprise you can make these look pretty impressive with a little imagination. Being a football referee is probably the last of the ventures in my life I will be asked about because the rules and their interpretations are on the internet to be seen by all. However maybe a younger referee would ask how would you handle a situation when 2 players do not appear to be getting a long in the match shall we say. Even though all qualified referees take an in depth course it doesn't cover how a referee should react to certain situations except by saying 'stick to the rules' which is the simple answer whilst you are still learning your trade so to speak. Handling situations comes down to personality and for me my sense of humour generally works in most situations.
Well hope this has given you an insight of my experiences not to mention I was also a Mobile DJ for 20 years, but that's another story of events.
By the way I don't do Facebook or Twitter. My personal opinion of those sites are one of trouble causing and I will never ever join such sites.