10 Awesome Home Office Gadgets

If you're setting up a new home office to start up a business from home or if you've long been ready to overhaul your home office kit and get a home office technology make over, check out the Home Office Gadgets we've found for you.

Looking for advice on what equipment you need when you're setting up a home business can often lead to huge great lists of devices, goodies and gadgets that may look pretty on your desk, but don't actually add to your productivity or efficiency.

At iHubbub we're always looking out for products that can help you achieve your home working goals with minimum fuss - and if they happen to be stylish and covertable as well, that's a bonus!

So we've done some gadget home-work for you and bring you some Home Office Gadgets that should be on your next shopping list.

Cool gadgets for creating a productive home office

Would any of the gadgets below suit your home office?

Powermat Home And Office Wireless Charging MatPowermat Home & Office Wireless Charging Mat

Ever get those moments when everything you own runs out of battery at the same time? 

Whether that's just down to bad timing, or the rubbish battery life of many of today's gadgets I don't know - but there are only so many plug sockets a home office can have - and overloading them is always a bit risky.

The Powermat Home and Office Wireless Charging Mat can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, without needing a socket, and without needing you to get tangled up in the trailing cables either.

The mat is ideal for anyone setting up a home office.

Available in the iHubbub shop from £6.00.

If you're into serious home office gadget, you may also be interested in the how Sony power up home working mobile tools.



Canon Portable ScannerCanon imageFormula P-208 Portable Scanner

Not technically a gadget, but as you'd use this scanner in your home office, we're listing it as a gadget.

If you aren't lucky enough to be a home worker who has already set up a home office, then you'll always be on the lookout for technology products that can squeeze  into a smaller space.

The Canon imageFormula P-208 Portable Scanner is one of these products - weighing in at just 600g and measuring 312.5 x 55.5 x 40mm - and with an optional WiFi unit available it's incredibly simple to pop into your home working bag and take along to your next client meeting!

And don't worry that because it's small it might not work as efficiently as a larger model; the P-208 has a productive 16ipm double-sided scanning facility with 10-sheet ADF and supports embossed and photo scanning as well - more than enough to boost your home business efficiency! What more could you want when you start making a technology gadget shopping list for your tired and needing-love home office.

Available from Amazon, the imageFormula P-208 Portable Scanner costs £165.62.



Quirky Gadget Bundle

Quirky Gadget Bundle

There are some bits of technology that actually really do help make your home business that bit more efficient.

And then there are other bits which, well, you don't exactly need them...but once you've seen them you just know you have to have them! And the Quirky Gadget Bundle is one of those things.

The Quirky Scratch-N-Scroll is first and foremost a mouse mat; non-slip and with a smooth scrolling surface it works with both ball-based and optical mouses.

On top of this it's also a temporary note-pad with its own stylus.

That is just about perfect for when you need to write something down in a hurry, and your biro has gone on its customary walk-about! Once you don't need your scrawl anymore you can get rid of it by simply flipping up the top sheet, and hey presto! The pad is ready and waiting for your next dawdlings.

The Quirky Converge is a funky (and tidy!) way to juice up any small gadget that can be charged via a USB - slip the cord through the flexible channel, stick it in one of the four ports at the back, and your device sits snugly on the front. If you're into DIY home office gadgets, organise your desk at a budget.

The Quirky Bandits are a clever little tool for keeping all your wires safe and tidy. A bungee band and a hook allows you to bundle them all together and hang them out of harm's way.

This bundle contains 3 small, 3 medium and 4 large Bandits - which, unless you are a total start-up business gadget hoarder, should be more than enough. After all, we all want to de-clutter our home office desks every now and then.

The Quirky Gadget Bundle can be bought from QVC for £63.00.



Buffalo DriveStation DDR HDGDU3

Buffalo DriveStation

As somebody who has learnt the hard way the importance of backing up your files (the air was blue in my home office that day I can tell you!), a hard drive is an essential bit of kit for your start-up business.

The data-transfer speeds of the Buffalo DriveStation's 1GB cache are pretty impressive - write speeds over 400MBs enable you to copy 1,000 800MB photos in approximately 3.5 seconds, and read speeds of up to 300MBs means 1,000 800MB photos in 6.2 seconds. 

So, with this on board you will be able to effectively back-up all your essential home working documents quickly and easily - no worries about losing the latest version of your business plan now! 

The Buffalo DriveStation is available from Amazon, priced either £193.99 (3.0TB) or £154.99 (2.0TB).

Is this a goodie or a gadget? Mmm ...



HannsG HW246HBB Full HD MonitorHannsG HW246HBB Full HD Monitor

Okay, this is an awesome gadget or monitor if you will be so posh and we wanna see lots of more of these and find out which are the best for those of you running an online business (Sounds like another feature coming on).

Depending on where you've set your home office up, it can often be useful for space saving purposes to have devices that are multi-functional. If they're gorgeous to look at as well, that's just a bonus!

This HannsG monitor fulfils both those criteria; not only does it come in a so called 'Oreo' design (glossy piano-black front, and ultra-white rear) so it looks mega stylish wherever it sits, but it also works as both a 23.6" computer monitor, and a Full HD LED television screen with a wide 170º viewing angle.

Perfect for those times when you want to take a break from your marketing material, and kick back with a cup of tea and some TV on-demand!

It can be bought for an astonishingly reasonable £120.33 from ebuyer.com



Y-Cam HomeMonitorY-Cam HomeMonitor

Don't be fooled, this home business gadget looks like a light for your garden office, but it really isn't.

Your home office contains everything that is vital to your business start-up, so it makes sense that you want to ensure its well looked after when you're out and about on client or supplier visits.

You'll receive an alert if the camera picks up any unusual movement in your office, and you can both watch and listen to live recordings online from anywhere in the world, including on dedicated apps on tablets and smartphones. If you aren't able to watch it straight away, Y-Cam keep 7 days' worth of footage in the cloud for you, for free!

If you want to keep the recording then you can simply download it to your device. 

Peace of mind when you're away from your desk for £149.99. Available from homemonitor.me.



BlueLounge CableBox MiniBlueLounge Cable Box Mini

Research has shown that a messy home office desk makes it harder for people to concentrate and work effectively on their home business.

BlueLounge has come up with a great solution to the problem of cables littering your work space - the CableBox Mini (yep, they do a bigger version for, well - bigger cables!). 

The CableBox Mini sits happily next to your computer and tidily hides away all the cords, adapters and small hubs needed to power your start-up business. Each device can be plugged into the included surge protector, and rubber feet stop it from sliding all over the place as you work.

This ultimate tidy-up- home office gadget comes in seven colours, and can be bought for £29.95 from the BlueLounge website.



TP Link 300Mbps Wireless Powerline Extender

TP Link 300Mbps Wireless Powerline Extender

If you are one of those lucky home workers who has a bespoke home office in a cosy garden shed, away from the hustle and bustle of your house, one of the problems you may have is persuading your wireless internet to make the journey there with you!

Many areas of the house can be internet blackspots, and so this little gadget ... um, device could be a welcome addition to your home.

Forget running upstairs each time your phone rings or standing dead still and trying not to breathe so you can get internet access on your smart phone.

Plug the TP Link 300Mbps Wireless Powerline Extender in to extend the range of your WiFi network. There's no configuration involved - it works as soon as you plug it in.

So now you can work in your shed (or attic, or garage...) without internet interruptions!

Available from QVC.com for £75.00.



Intego Identity Scrubber 2013Intego Identity Scrubber

Everybody is aware of the problems surrounding identity theft and online security, and for small home-based businesses these can be a real threat. 

The Intego Identity Scrubber is a lifeline for Mac users; this nifty piece of software pinpoints exactly where all the sensitive data is on your computer and allows you to choose either encryption or deletion; thus ensuring that it can't fall into the hands of any lurking cybercriminals.

It scans all your files and emails to look for anything containing personal information - bank account numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and more - and can clean them up for you in one simple click.

Not really a gadget persay, but nontheless essential stuff for home businesses that run on a Mac. Available from Intego for £41.25.



QNAP Turbo Network StorageQNAP TS-x69L Turbo NAS

Last but not least is the home office gadget giant. The TS-x69L Turbo Network Attached Storage series gives your home business a secure way to share your important data with colleagues or clients.

With 1GB of RAM (which can be upgraded to 3GB if needed) the TS-x69L is run on a high performance dual-core processor, and gives you a really cost-effective way to build cloud storage and cross-platform file sharing across Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Information and pricing for the TS-x69L series can be found at QNAP.com.



And don't forget to browse the iHubbub shop for other gizmos that might enhance your start-up business life! 

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