10 Mind Blowing Music Gadgets For Creative Home Offices

Working from home in a home office that oooozes with creativity and inspiration can speed up the dullest day. Make your freelancing consultancy or home business more productive with our list of gadgets that will spark you into a productive, energetic music loving business entrepreneur.

Much as I love music (my kitchen has witnessed some pretty appalling dancing when the radio is cranked up) it's not always a help when you're a home worker. Especially when a client calls to hear your own disco bopping in the background.

In September 2010 the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology published the findings of a survey done by Cardiff's Wales Institute which found that certain background noises can seriously distract you, and make it much harder to concentrate - definitely not what's needed when you're starting up a home business!

But fellow home business blogger, Kent Wynne, found that listening to music can enhance your work load and give you motivation to dance and 'roar' through those start up business plans.

10 Mind Blowing Gadgets for a Creative Home Office

In my case, as a home working freelancer there have been many times I've been merrily typing away with the radio in the background, only to read it back and discover that my home business blog is now interspersed with the song lyrics that I've been singing at the same time!

But sitting in a perfectly quiet home office is also out for me - I can't bear total silence and so I normally resort for a compromise of gentle classical music so that I can get on with my work without the temptation to sing. Oh dear. Much prefer singing.

But hey ho, we've sourced some funky music accessories that will allow you to control the atmosphere of your work space - from monastic-style peace (although when you are working from home, getting up and exercising to some tunes every now and again will keep you fit and healthy!) to blasting out heavy metal whilst you update your business plans, there's something for everybody!

We found speakers for iPods, Home Office Gadgets, music streaming wirelessly from your iPod or iPhone into speakers with the coolest music gadgets. We want to make your home office music technology fantastically productive and motivating.


1 iFusion Smartest Phone Music

iFusion Smart Station

At first glance, the iFusion Smart Station looks like an ordinary, common or garden home office phone. But look closer and you'll see that it's much more than that.

Not only does it feature a handy hands-free option, which will allow you to take important home business calls whilst pacing up and down (we all do it!), but it is also a clever docking station for your iPhone so you can choose some tunes to help you along.

The embedded Bluetooth technology means that you can use FaceTime and Skype via your iPhone as well, leaving your PC screen free for you to work on those start-up business plans at the same time!

Hey, we all know that home business owners are multi-talented chaps and chapesses ...

It also has a super-speedy charge going on at the same time, so you can use your phone for business all morning, and still have enough juice left to make some far more interesting personal calls when you finally break for a healthy home working lunch

Hey, iFusion guys, why not make this cool music/phone gadget a landline phone too?

The iFusion Smart Station is available from Amazon for £39.99


Titanium Bluetooth Speaker

2 Titanium Metallic Music Gadget

This classy looking speaker is happy to play you your favourite sounds wherever you are, thanks to its Bluetooth connections.

If you want some music whilst you work you can link it to the computer on your home office desk, or take it out in the garden with you on your coffee break and play music via your smartphone.

It can last for six hours (more than enough time to get those home business marketing materials finished!) and has a range of up to 10 metres. 

The Titanium Bluetooth Speaker is available from Fab.com at a price of £75.


3 Memphis Rocks Record Deck

Memphis 4 in 1 Record Deck

Ok, so CDs may be smaller, easy to store and less prone to warping if you leave them lying in strong sunlight (oops), and downloading music is quick, cheap and pretty foolproof.

But for me they'll never compare to the thrill I used to get tripping on down to a record shop and coming out with a bagful of vinyl. 

I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only freelancing music lover here that has still got a pile of dusty old albums up in their loft that they can't bear to part with, even though the ability to play them has long gone right?

The Memphis 4 in 1 Record Deck allows you not only to play your records on its retro turntable, but also to convert them into MP3s (you can also record CDs), and save them on to a USB or an SD card. It has an FM radio, and it can even play 78s, so you can step back even further into your musical history!

Buy the Memphis 4 in 1 Record Deck from Fab.com for £120.70


4 Boppy BOPZ Nifty Gizmo

QDOS Q-BOPZ Bluetooth speakers

This handy little fella comes complete with a suction pad on its behind which enables it to be stuck almost anywhere.

Perfect for home business owners, you can attach it to your computer to play music via Bluetooth from your smart phone or tablet - and then use it to answer business calls; it will automatically override your tunes. 

So there'll be no worries about your start-up business clients discovering that you're listening to Take That whilst you work then...!

If you're going to be out and about working mobile you can take Q-BOPZ with you; it will happily attach itself to your dashboard or glass, and continue to provide you with a soundtrack as you drive. But beware in case it falls out the window. Or if you're in a dead spot it may die at the point in your favourite song when you give it all you've got a bellow with no BOPZ in the background.

Its Bluetooth range is 10 metres, and you can squeeze seven hours of continuous playback from it. It can go pretty loud too, but for serious music gadgets lovers it may sound a bit tinny!

We've shown you the blue version of Q-BOPZ, but if you head to qdossound.com you'll find it in five other bright colours and a more professional black, all available for £29.99.


5 Shut Out The World 'Cept Your Music T'Nb Music Trend Rock Headphones

As we know from our iHubbub members, not all home workers have their own office where they can hide when learning how to start up a home business. 

I work from my dining room table, and if the rest of my family are bustling around in the background it can be a real distraction. If I want to concentrate fully then I like to shut out the world around me by wearing headphones. 

These T'Nb headphones are compatible with pretty much all of your music sources, and the Tbs Xtrem bass technology included means that your tunes will sound extra special.

Of course, you don't have to listen to music.

I find that simply wearing the headphones can also be a good way to stop other people talking to you when you're trying to concentrate! And they don't even know I am ignoring them :)

Buy the T'Nb Music Trend Rock Headphones from the iHubbub shop. Price from £22.27


6 Plug In And Play  The Geneva iPod HiFi Model M

If you want to turn your iPod or iPhone sounds into a real HiFi experience, the Geneva Model M could be a pretty good bet.

There are two Hi-Fi speakers which give out great stereo sound, and a digital radio if you fancy something different from your own music.

The beautiful design means it would be a stylish addition to any home office, and its size makes it perfect for nestling on a bookshelf, right next to all your reference books on setting up a home business!

Buy it for £495.20 from Fab.com


Four More Home Office Music Gadgets

The last few mind blowing music gadgets for your home office are  the roaring Jabra home office headsets and the sleek revo headsets along with your home working soulmate.

Lastly, but most certainly first - please do tell us what music jives you to work productively from home.

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