5 Fab Fast Weight Loss Treatments

When you've hit the scales and decided it's time to rid your home working body of those excess bits of flab, you might choose to dust off that exercise bike, go on a fast diet, try some diet pills or sit down calmly and read a book to help you get your mind into gear for losing weight.  

Or you could get down and dirty with your fat and take it to a bootcamp or shoot it with a lazer gun or melt it under some body contouring machines. Nothing invasive of course ...

Body contouring to lose weight fast


Weight Loss Treatments

We at iHubbub believe strongly that way to that perfect freelance body is to be found via healthy eating and sensible exercise. However, we understand that sometimes it can feel that even with all that you aren't getting anywhere, and need something else to turn to.

We found five non-invasive body contouring and weight loss treatments that you may want to explore.

1. Smooth Shaping Body Treatments

Cynosure's SmoothShapes treatment is a non-invasive treatment which uses a petite handpiece, and is designed to tighten and contour the whole body, helping show off those curves and to tighten and reduce those stubborn areas of fat.

When you start your weight loss programme, SmoothShapes could help banish those freelancing love-handles once and for all. This treatment is also perfect for sculpting hard to reach areas, including underarm fat, flabby arms and the décolleté.

2. Glaze Away Your Lipo

You may want to try LoveLite's Lipoglaze ... a body sculpting treatment that can take inches off your waistline in one 60 minute session. Perfect for fitting in a lunch hour during your freelance day!

It targets hard to shift fatty deposits and is completely safe and painless. It works by freezing fat tissue, which then is shed naturally through the body leaving a slimmer, tighter figure.

The treatment is done by top Harley Street beauty clinic LoveLite.

3. Or Lazer Your Lipo

ZERONA is a cool laser that can reduce stubborn areas of fat including the waist, hips, thighs and arms with reportedly no pain, side effects or recovery time in 10 days.

The treatment works by using ‘cool lasers’ to stimulate the body’s fat cells and create pores in the cells’ walls.

Through these pores, the lipid material (i.e. the fat) is released, allowing the cell to collapse to a smaller size – contouring your body shape. Once the fatty material leaves the cell, it is quickly absorbed and safely broken down and removed naturally by the body through its normal course of detoxification.

The cold laser technology exclusively releases the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. The release of the fat cell contents is the result of the disruption of the cell’s membrane. This membrane disruption, called a transitory pore, is the result of low-level laser stimulation.

ZERONA is available at leading clinics nationwide including The London Bridge Plastic Surgery Clinic.

4. Contour Your Body

Med Contour is an ultrasound treatment over 4 to 6 sessions and features its own patented FDA approved dual hand piece, helping focus treatments on certain areas and leaving surrounding structures (i.e. skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue) undamaged.

Med Contour also has its own built in lymphatic drainage system helping the body to remove toxins, excess fluids and waste from the body.

ZERONA differs from the ‘Med Contour Ultrasound’ treatment as it utilizes ‘cold laser technology’ in the form of Low Level Laser Therapy which reaches deep into the skin and targets the fat cells specifically to emulsify fat and allow it to move to interstitial space whereas the Med Contour uses two beams of ultrasound energy  to ‘warm and treat fatty tissue’ beneath the skin rather than the actual fat cell.

Find out more about this Med Contour treatment.

5. Shape Up With Techno

TechnoShape is very popular in spas in the Middle East and is now over here in the UK. It is used in conjunction with a treadmill or exercise bike and helps lose inches from around the waist, the most difficult place to get rid of stubborn fat. If you've got the space in your freelance office for one of those machines then you can simply slot it neatly into your day.

It also helps define the torso. Perfect for getting back those summer abs!

Find out more at Techno Shape.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Steve Tromans is the Harley Street based Proprietor of Just Be Well, an international team of Hypnotherapists, NLP Trainers and Life Coaches.

They work to help you break negative, habitual patterns of thinking and re-train the mind towards more positive and useful behaviours.
There is a truly immense range of hypnotherapy/NLP techniques and approaches that have proved to be useful to help people to make useful changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

By using this combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP they can train the mind to help someone to learn to be able to be more flexible in their thinking, to help them to stop engaging in unwanted automated thinking, feeling and behaviour, and, most importantly, to help them to aim themselves in more useful directions.

So this is considered 'therapy' and certainly not a 'medical treatment'. It is very much to be seen as a combination of advice, coaching, education, and most importantly, re-training the mind away from unhelpful learned behaviours to positive new habits of thinking.

I have never tried it, but Hypnotherapy and NLP is considered 100% safe and natural, with no adverse side effects. Any freelancers out there with experience want to share your thoughts with us?
The approach is to tackle the unwanted thinking and behaviour head-on rather than to spend hours going over the past looking for some 'hidden meaning'/'original cause' in the hopes that discovering and 'coming to terms' with such will magically transform everything.

The way that they utilise hypnotherapy, therefore, is based on NLP style principles and there  are literally hundreds of conditions, with the most common being:

  • Depression and Anxiety: Panic attacks, shyness, confidence, jealousy
  • Phobias:  Fear of flying, heights, public speaking, spiders etc etc
  • Eating: Weight loss, bulimia, anorexia, comfort eating, binge eating, selective eating disorder
  • Psychological: irritable bowel syndrome, pain relief
  • Addictions: Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, shopping, pornography
  • Compulsions: Gambling, body dysmorphic disorder, nail biting, hair pulling 
  • Anger, Insomnia and many others

There you go - you should be all sorted now for a fast freelance weight loss programme!

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