5 Kick-Ass Bootcamps To Lose Weight Fast

In your quest for losing weight fast you may have tried diet pill supplements, books to help rid you of flab and maybe even a few extreme diets.

But have you kicked ass and gone on a bootcamp? No, me neither!

Some bootcamps offer total luxury and fitness routines, others only provide downright basics so you literally do get booted each day to start your new diet regime.

Any which way, if, you want to get your home business entrepreneur body in as great shape as your business take a look at the list of bootcamps and peaceful body contouring retreats we found for our home working business owners to get you into shape for your next business venture.

weight loss bootcamps

Weight Loss Boot Camps

If you're into being drilled and coerced and bossed around by army-like colonels who will kick your ass into losing that weight, why not try a bootcamp? I'm too squeamish, but here are some for tough home business entrepreneurs to consider ...


1. New You Boot Camp

New You Boot Camp promises more than just a weight loss and fitness boot camp, they want to focus on YOU.

They aim to create a lifestyle programme that re-energises, informs and inspires you to permanently change the way you look, feel and perform forever. Perfect for home business entrepreneurs to refresh both their working and family lives.

Not only will you feel the physical and emotional benefits that are associated with the ‘New You’ programme, they say they give you the support, tools and resources to make sure you can continue all you have learnt once you return home ensuring your journey to the ‘New You’ is a success.

So whether you would like to visit them in London, Somerset, Suffolk, Spain, Austria or Portugal they'll be able to find a boot camp for you.

Find out more about New You Boot Camps.


2. No. 1 Bootcamp

Another way to lose weight fast and safely is by visiting No. 1 Boot Camp - Britain's premier diet and fitness holiday centres, this one is in a period farmhouse situated on the extremely fashionable North Norfolk coast. Doesn't sound army-ish, sounds more spa-ish.

Spencer Matthews from Made In Chelsea is one famous visitor (although he went to their other camp in Ibiza) and he lost 13lbs in 3 days. How much would that kind of trimming up improve your skills as a home business entrepreneur?

By the way he also took Forza Supplements' diet capsules to aid his weight loss.

More details here at No. 1 Bootcamps.


3. British Military Fitness Boot Camp

British Military Fitness' expert instructors can give you some fantastic tips on this!

BMF are the UK's biggest and best loved outdoor fitness provider and they hold high intensity training classes which are held across the country - they feel this is the best way to lose stubborn weight as opposed to hours in the gym or invasive surgery.

See more: www.britmilfit.com


4. Food Boot Camp

Janey Holliday is a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. She founded Making Things Easy based on her understanding of how client needs have evolved during more than a decade of experience in the fitness, coaching and wellbeing industry. See Janey's Online Diet.  

Janey reveals the best food tweaks and trades to achieve weight loss, provides food solutions and ideas for frequently faced challenges while inspiring you to break bad habits. She also includes 10 hours of real women’s food diary analysis.

This boot camp is ideal for busy women and mumpreneurs, who want to lose weight, feel energised and look younger while avoiding fad diets.


5. Best Body Bootcamp

Another one with Janey who says you can completely transform your body in just 21 days with her results-driven weight loss and fitness course.

Cardio + toning + a controlled diet = the body you want.

This bootcamp and fast track weight loss camp to change your shape is expected to reveal your waist in just three weeks. Some time away from your life as a home business entrepreneur could help you get into great shape, so you can pick up the reins again on your return!

For both of Janey's bootcamps, visit the website at www.makingthingseasy.com.



Weight Loss Retreats

If you need some serious help to lose weight fast and you can get away doing it, you may want to investigate a weight loss retreat, such as The Obsidian Health retreat in Spain.

This weight loss retreat was voted in the top 20 retreats to visit in 2012 by The Times newspaper.  ITV This Morning's Dr. Chris Steele has visited the retreat along with the comedian Helen Lederer and actress Pooja Shah.

The programme is based on the scientific work of Dr. Neal Barnard and gets results fast - guests typically lose 1.1 lb per day and the diet is made up of super foods and a juicing detox programme.

They offer cleansing and detox programmes, extended weight loss for obese people and it is apparently very successful in reversing type 2 diabetes.

The Obsidian is run by health and wellbeing experts Andrew and Carol West. For a good poke around, visit The Obsidian.

Keep motivated with our home working weight loss feature!

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