5 Top Home Working Exercise Workouts

Even if you're a busy home working mum running your own home based business don't think for one minute that charging around doing the school run and after school activities will make up for not exercising while working from home.

We mums love working from home, of course we do! But because we can't rely on that daily commute for our regular exercise, it's really important to make sure that we stay fit and healthy when you're a home worker.

It might feel like a full body workout when you heave yourself out of bed, down the stairs and into your home business office, but let me assure you that it doesn't count...

So we asked Jessica Velasco to show us how to encorporate exercise in to our daily routine.

She immediately said:

You may spend hour after hour in your chair when working at home.  

If you sit for a couple of hours a day, you run the risk of contracting some neck and shoulder problems. Worst still - besides these joint pains, you can also find yourself putting on some extra pounds! That's the home workers' worst nightmare :(

But wait ... before you slink off and cry in the corner of your home office ... working at home does not have to cause these problems.

Read on and find out how we're going to help all you home business entrepreneurs working from home how you can avoid joint pain and get a great home working fitness workout – right at your desk!

Try these 5 Top Home Working Exercise Workouts whilst working from home on your home business

Upper Body Exercises

First off is the chair dip (your mouth should not be watering – we’re not talking about that kind of dip).  Either lock the wheels of your office chair or wedge it against something so that the chair won’t move on you.  

Take a seat on the chair and place your hands palm down at your sides.  Next, without the aid of your legs, raise yourself off the chair with only your arms.  Slowly lower and raise yourself until you feel the burn.  Try to do this at least 10 times. 

No. Not 10 times per month. 10 Times per session. Do it. Otherwise tell yourself you're not allowed to work from home anymore. Think of that commute we mentioned earlier. That will certainly get you motivated to push yourself into harder workouts.

Core Exercises

Anyone who works from home knows that building your core is essential to a good workout. You can strengthen your abdomen by trading in your office chair for a fitness or medicine ball.

Check out this ball fitness chair, which is great for anyone working from home who wants to sit upright and keep a healthy back.

To stay upright on the ball, you will need to use your core muscles.  Your balance and posture will be much better off from using a giant ball instead of your chair. 

Sounds strange doesn't it? But don't worry, you can still easily get going on your business start-up whilst having a bounce! Best bit ... no one around to poke fun at you if you're working from home. Hee hee, bounce away.

Lower Body Exercises

You can give your legs a good workout without even getting off of your chair.  Simply extend one of your legs out in front.  Move your straightened leg up to your waist level and hold it there for a couple of seconds.  Slowly lower your leg and repeat with the other leg.  It’s such a simple, but effective, workout to do.  Try lifting each leg about a dozen times. 

Deep knee bends are also a pretty safe bet too.  Just push your chair to the side and do a couple of reps of this gym class favourite.  While keeping your upper body horizontal, bend at the knees and flex at the waist.


Consider getting a treadmill for your home office.  Okay, hear us out! The idea might sound startling initially, but it’s very doable. Set it up so that you can still see your monitor, and then put the keyboard and mouse on a table in front of the treadmill.  

You don’t have to run on an incline at a breakneck speed or anything – you just have to get your body moving.  You won’t even break a sweat and you’ll be thinking on your feet.  You’ll find you are actually more productive this way.  A treadmill desk is the perfect way to stay trim and fit even if you are doing a ‘home working desk job’. 

No Excuses

Just because you're lucky enough to be working at home, there's no excuse for the joint soreness or weight gain.  These are just a few ways you can get up and move around right at your desk.  These exercises won’t get in the way of your workload and will actually make you more productive; you won’t feel lethargic or creaky or cranky, you will have more energy, and you won’t be operating in a mental fog.  

Your blood will be pumping, and your oxygen flowing. Yippee for home working fitness workouts!

That just leaves me to tell you that Jessica just recently launched her freelance writing career. Researching and writing on the topics of vitamin B12 injections, weight loss tactics, nutrition, and vitamin deficiencies has led Jessica to realize something very important: she too needs to take good care of her overall health while slaving away at the computer. 

On that note: you should also check out our guideliness to healthy home working computer habits.

Hopefully reading this article has got you thinking about how to incorporate exercise into your home working day - for more ideas and tips have a look at lots more health and fitness articles!

Make sure you take regular breaks when working from home. You could even limber up and do these fab 5 workouts in the garden.

Before you dart off to start pumping iron, check out the iHubbub shop for equipment to help you work out when working at home.

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