Climb Google's SEO Ladder

Getting your small business site, blog, online professional profile or home business ecommerce shop to rank high in Google can be a daunting task. Women with varying degrees of tech savvyness can easily tackle digital tools.

Editor of iHubbub, and author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site Paula Wynne, shares crucial ways to get your website fully optimised and visible to potential new traffic sources from Google.

I didn’t wait for a budget to employ someone to do it for me; instead I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck into some serious Do-It-Yourself learning. I became a sponge, soaking up everything I could and within months my first business, Remote Employment was Google’s No 1 for ‘home based jobs’ and I am now doing the same for my next business venture, iHubbub.

Let's find out how to climb the Google ladder ...

Lets find out how to get your start up business optimised and up the Google ladder

You can do this too so let’s take a look at the most popular ways to get your site ‘out there’!

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Quite simply, SEO is the process of improving a website’s ranking in search engine results. There are stacks of different modes to get your website optimised so that the search engines will find you. I wrote Pimp My Site because people always ask me for a fool-proof guide to optimising your site. 

#2 Market Your Content

Create a traffic jam with content in as many different relevant places on the web as possible. Then combine your content activities into wider ‘inbound marketing’ which leads to greater search results. 

The interaction of your content ...

  • articles
  • videos
  • eBooks
  • guides
  • news
  • PR
  • reviews
  • directory listings

... with your Social Media

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • iHubbub
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Networking
  • Forums


... leads to SEO in the form of back links, aka Off Page Optimisation. Combined with On Page Optimisation [Long Tail Keywords and Keyword Placement] you’ll have a pretty damn powerful online story.

#3 Impacting SEO

How does Content Marketing affect SEO? Inbound links, especially links from quality sites [such as a PR story in an online media publication] and specific webs [such as relevant communities] is pure Google Juice. These keyword rich links leading back to your pages are very important in Google’s ‘eyes’.

Ensure you create your very own web of links from a wide range of phrases to increase your visibility. The result - you’ll be displayed in Google searches in a variety of sources rather than just your own web site.

Alert: Avoid sites that are nothing more than a long list of nonsense links.

#4 Keyword Foundations

Keywords … especially long tail keywords … are the most essential ingredients to ensure your site will be visible and indexed on search engines. 

Like Pinocchio’s nose that kept on growing with each porky he muttered, long tail keywords are words and phrases that best describe your business interests, professional portfolio or hobbies. 

They are words strung together to form a really long phrase. The most effective long tail keywords are the ones highly relevant and specific to your website. For example, my latest online venture iHubbub’s case, our main keywords are extremely competitive - ‘home business’ or ‘home based business’.  

To create an even better long-tailed keyword phrase more specific and relevant to our site, we use ‘home business social network’ or ‘home business social networking community’.

Alert: Don’t ‘stuff’ keywords onto your pages, Google will cotton-on quickly and may penalise you. Instead, get clever at crafting your text with keywords [for search engines] that are easily readable by your visitors [humans].

#4 Blogging

For the savvy digital woman, a blog is a key marketing tool. Blogging allows you to engage in a conversation with your book’s fans while improving your website's search engine rank. Blogging is highly beneficial as it increases SEO with lots of juicy content for Google to gobble and helps you grow a social network to interact with fans.

Alert: blogging can be a time-hoover so don’t fret if you don’t have a blog. Doing something small every day [even if it’s not blogging] will get you up the Google Ladder.

#No 5: Social Media (SM) 

Your Social Media tweets, blogs and posts spread fast and furious into Google’s search results so tinker around the various SM platforms.  For example, using the same search term from above (Home Business Social Network), I discovered two results Google found in Twitter and YouTube, both using the exact keywords I searched.

The moral of the story: use long tail keywords in your social media, often Google will deliver those results first!

Alert: Don’t sign up to all the SM platforms just because they’re there, instead choose which is best for you or your business interests.

#6 Online Publicity

If you’re a newbie to PR you may shy away from promoting your website so now may be the right time to explore inventive ways to increase your website or blog traffic through publicity. Here’s a link to give you a quick foray into the PR world. Learn how to find a newsworthy angle with human interest stories that attract the media.  

Try downloading my free Publicity eBook for some tips.

Alert: If your press release is not newsworthy with no human angle and not in the right format it will be binned!

#7 Visual Virals

Let’s not forget the visual ways people can look at your content across the web. When you knock up a quick YouTube video, make sure you optimise it. When YouTube asks you for a title and description, use rich keywords. Think like this: if I was looking for a video on xyz [whatever your video is about] what will I be searching for? Then use those words in your title and description.

Try and stick to words that we all use, everyday normal language because that’s what your site visitors will be doing. Also, add your videos to Pinterest with another good text description and of course add loads of images of your products or your business service with links back to your site pages. 

There you have it … 7 quick ways to lift you up Google’s ladder. Go on, go on, go on – get cracking, you have some optimising homework to do.

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