Cool Tools For Business Start Ups

Driven by technology, flexible working is probably the single greatest change that has taken place.

And the best thing is that the vast changes in technology has given us all the ability to work from home with our own start up business.

More and more people are dropping out of work based jobs and deciding to start up their own home based venture - all of this has been leap-frogged along by the rise in techy tools we can use in our home offices.

iHubbub is always, always, always on the lookout for cool mobile working tools so if you come across any we don't list here or in our Reviews, please do drop us a quick line.

And the best thing is that the vast changes in technology has given us all the ability to work from home with our own start up business.


Remote Worker from Voice4IP

Remote Worker, from Voice 4IP is the complete home worker package, incorporating broadband with a VPN as an option, a telephony system that mimics a corporate environment regardless of where the call is made from, 30 hours worth of inclusive calls even a business conferencing system. It enables workers to transform their standard phone into a fully featured business phone system via the use of the Voice4IP remote worker web portal.

No special equipment is required, just a working landline or mobile phone. Simply hi-jack any phone in the world with a DDI and it will work. There is no need to port numbers, change telco, or move to a CPS provider. Browse for more information.


Work from Home with Toshiba

Toshiba Portégé R500 Series The Portégé R500 is designed for people looking for the ultimate in no-compromise portability or who travel and work on the move. Weighing less than a kilogram and only 19.5mm thick the Portégé R500 sets the standard in thin and light laptops.

The battery can last for up to 8.5 hours on one charge and the transflective LCD screen gives you great picture quality both indoors and out. Remote Workers want portability and power and the R500 delivers just that! Toshiba EasyGuard features such as shock protected casing and a 100cc spill resistant keyboard are also included. Going for £899 on


Sennheiser BW 900 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Headset

This is one of the most exciting products to have been introduced in years. It is an ear-mounted wireless Bluetooth microphone which includes a highly accurate and noise cancelling microphone. It communicates via Bluetooth with your PC, with a base station which can connect either to your telephone or PC and is also capable of connecting to your Bluetooth equipped mobile phone.

Unlike most ear-mounted Bluetooth microphones, the BW 900 has a full length boom and places it's noise cancelling microphone adjacent to your mouth. Lightweight, comfortable with includes lots of unique features, the BW 900 is a must at £240 on


Skype Away Sennheiser PC146 USB Headset

Sign up for a Skype account which allows free calls over the web. However, you'll need a decent headset such as this with a built-in microphone. Its noise-cancelling technology helps you make clearer calls. This can be found for £80.


Orange TyTN Work remotely with an Orange TyTn mobile phone

This robust, quad-band TyTN II comes with all the Microsoft® Office Mobile applications you need to keep on top of business, whenever you need to, wherever you find yourself.

The TyTN II guarantees that you can stay in touch anywhere in the world, without service stalls, and its internet connection (via 3.5G HSDPA) is nine times faster than 3G, making downloading files and surfing the web super-fast and efficient. IT also allows you to get ahead of the game by working on charts, documents, emails and presentations on the go, thanks to applications such as Outlook® Mobile, Word Mobile, Excel® Mobile, Adobe reader LE and PowerPoint® Mobile. TyTN II has a built in GPS to help you find your way, wherever you are.

A Micro SD card slots means you can supplement the generous 256MB internal memory by up to 4GB, so you'll have plenty of room for documents, photos and music. Retails at £473 or contact your nearest Orange dealer for a contract price.


The 3 Skype Phone

The first mobile handset to be specifically designed for Skype. It is also capable of making ordinary calls, but there is a dedicated Skype button which enables people to send and receive free Skype messages and calls whilst on the move without any charges.

Calls can be connected to other Skype phones as well as computers that are equipped with Skype headsets. This means that callers can make local national and international calls for free. These handsets are exclusively available from 3 and can either be purchased for free with contract price plans, or cost £49.99 when purchased with £10 worth of credit on a pay as you go basis. Alternatively, people can purchase two of the phones together for £69.99.

The pay as you go handsets need to be topped up with at least £10 of credit each month in order to maintain Skype usage, other than that the Skype aspect itself is completely free. This is highly practical for remote workers with international contacts. For more details check out


ZTE Mobile Broadband Modem

The ZTE can be connected to both PCs and laptops to provide high speed internet access in almost any location. There's no need to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot and it doesn't require any wires as it simply connects to the computer via the USB port and the internet can be up and running within seconds.

3 provide a variety of mobile broadband modems, including the basic Huawai E220 model, the ZTE and the Huawei E169G which is actually a USB stick that's been designed with two receptors to improve the strength of the signal that the modem picks up, as it connects to the internet via the mobile network. work remotely with a USB broadband modem They all come with SIM cards and have dedicated mobile phone numbers that enable people to send and receive text messages in addition to emails.

All of 3's mobile broadband modems are compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems and Mac OS and reach speeds of up to 2.8Mbps on 3's turbo network. 1GB data allowance with a £10 Add-on from 3 gives remote workers 30 hours web surfing, 650 emails, 60 downloaded music tracks, 30 downloaded videos. 3 GB gets you 100 hours web surfing, 2000 emails, 200 downloaded music tracks and 100 downloaded videos. USB Modems available for just £69.99 from


Cordless Mogo Mouse x54 pro

This flat laptop mouse works wirelessly by Bluetooth and, when you're done, it folds up and stores away inside the 54 express-card expansion slot of newer laptops. It also acts as a multimedia remote that can control a PowerPoint presentation. Try one at for £65.

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