Couples Working Together From Home

To celebrate the most loved up month of the year, iHubbub is taking a look at Couples in Business and how working together and living together affects their relationships. 

Imagine this scenario: you're at a dinner party with people you haven't met before and someone asks what you both do. You proudly reply 'We run our own home based business'.


All eyes are suddenly fixed on you. Staring at you in shock, some gaping in horror, some tut-tutting and feeling dreadfully sorry for you.

So what's all that about you ask? There are many people ... millions of people who would find the very idea of working with a loved one a horrendous thought. And working from home, another shiner. Let alone, working together and working at home!

Double whammy bummer.

Why then, do just as many millions of couples the world over, find such huge satisfaction and success working together while loving their business?

Those dinner party critics may gape and cry 'Surely working together and living together has adverse effects on the relationship. And the answer to that is, yes it can. But just as much, no it doesn't. This hasn't happened to Ken and myself personally but we have heard a strange story about this scene.

Many millions of couples the world over, find such huge satisfaction and success working from home together while running their own business. They effortlessly turn this exceptional way of working into a productive and successful business and personal relationship with no relationship break-downs.

We applaud them all on St iHubbub's Day!

Many millions of couples the world over, find such huge satisfaction and success working from home together while running their own business

We (Ken and Paula) have found that magic formula of working together, living together, socialising together - literally being everything together all the time. Those dinner party critics would say 'living in each other's pockets' with very few moments of our lives apart, which is true.

However, we don't see it with negative connotations, just the opposite in fact. If we are apart for whatever reason for even a small amount of time, we miss each other. Sounds bizarre, I know, but it's true.

That's because we ...


See The Future The Same Way

We see everything we do as an exciting time. To coin Ken's phrase, we see the future the same way. This simply means that we are on the same path, the same journey into the future. This makes a HUGE difference to how we act, react and interact with each other and our whole outlook on life.Meet the founders of iHubbub's home business network, Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne, a couple in business.

Amazingly enough, when I started asking experts for their advice on what makes or breaks working together relationships, they said something similar.

Share the same vision!

This comes across strongly in our collection of articles on Home Business Couples, along with some other excellent advice.

We were interviewed for the Sainsbury's Magazine a few years back about what makes a successful relationship and there are lots of little things we do, but generally we find our working and living relationship to be succesful because of this one mantra:

We see the future the same way.

I have had it both ways. My last 'working-with-husband' skid downhill into a divorce pretty smarly ... I will leave it at that!

That's where the afore mentioned critics come back into our story. They stared at our dinner party scenario with gaping jaws because millions of people cannot work together. Why is that?


What Makes Them Successful?

We asked several experts and relationship coaches for their advice on what makes or breaks couples working together in business.

What makes or breaks couples working and living together – is it as simple as ABC? Or is is all in the mind?

Even armed with all this good information, we were totally intrigued to find out what makes other home working and home business couples successful so we discovered some 'two's company' working together success stories.

We spoke to a few our home business couples and asked them what makes a successful working and living relationship work for them.


Success Factors

So why is it that some people can do it so well and others fall at the first hurdle?  There are millions of people the world over who make a genuine success of working with other family members. Some experts, such as Genevieve Zawada, suggest that you run it as a proper working relationship, others like Andrew Clover, author of Learn Love In A Week, say quite simply, ‘Praise and Don’t Compare’.

iHubbub was completely intrigued to find the all-essential ingredient into what makes or breaks couples who are living or working together. They discovered the essential formula for a harmonious balance in a working and personal relationship is not one, but a few vital to do’s and a few definite don’ts.

The ‘to do’s’ are:

  • Setting the foundations and agreeing responsibilities
  • Working on each other’s strengths
  • Respecting each other’s wishes
  • Supporting each other whole heartedly
  • Talking to each other is a key success indicator
  • Discussing what is important to each other.
  • Another significant component of working-and-living relationships is being positive
  • Praising the other for even the smallest goal achieved
  • Know when to stop. And know how to stop talking about the business when you do stop
  • Make sure your individual contributions are broadly similar, but don’t begrudge time off taken by the other
  • Use each person’s skills to maximum effect, letting each do what they are particularly good at
  • Share the not-so-nice-to-do stuff evenly (eg. tedious admin)
  • Retain and develop your non business interests together
  • Share and enjoy the spoils of success

Setting the foundations on solid ground is the first rule of working successfully together, therefore writing and agreeing job responsibilities, with clearly defined roles ensures you are working on your strengths and not putting the other under undue pressure.  

Respecting each other’s wishes and supporting each other whole heartedly, should go without saying, but is more difficult to do at times, when the other person feels that their idea is better.

In this case, it is better to either agree to disagree or to come to some middle point.

The don’ts in a working together relationship are:

  • Don’t criticise
  • Don’t lay blame
  • Don’t compare your partner to anyone else. That just breeds contempt and ill feelings.

Ken and Paula
, founders of iHubbub, applaud the all home working couples in business on St iHubbub's Day! Read their own unique story and Paula's amazing five year wild ride.

And you may want to read some books on relationship advice.

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