Create A Home Business Brand

Paula Wynne, author of 'Create A Successful Website' and Pimp My Site, tells home business start-ups how to start branding their new venture.

In Philip Kotler’s book, Principles of Marketing, he describes a brand as: “a name, a term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of these, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.”

He goes on to explain that a brand image is the set of beliefs that consumers hold about a particular brand. Philip’s book is an excellent study of brand marketing and there are plenty of others.

Your brand is your visual identity, a thumb print so to speak ...

Branding your new start up business is important to create visual identity

Brand And Deliver

Now that you have a definite idea for your business, you will need to decide on certain aspects of branding. Your brand will most likely be determined by your audience, either business clients (B2B) or consumer visitors (B2C).

With Remote Employment we have both. Our visitors are primarily consumers, who are working professional candidates or job seekers.

We also attract employers, agencies and companies that would post jobs, so we considered both audiences when we determined our brand.

Like us, you will want to ensure your site is not too busy with cheap clip art or graphic images, it should be easy to navigate and should look professional.
Create an impression that is suitable for your market and the position you want to fill within it.

Should your site look clean and smart? Or busy and full? Should it be young and modern or traditional and conventional? Do you want to portray an image of high luxury or good value?

The look and feel of these options will be different and guided by your business concept as well as the target audience you aim to attract.

The best looking sites are often clean and simple with a light and airy feel and a spacious design. Avoid heavy and dark backgrounds and overuse of flashy objects. It jars and gets on most people’s nerves.

Even with fast speed broadband, they also take so long to download and often people give up before they find the solution you’re offering.

A Visual Identity

Marketers use branding to make people sit up and take notice. They want people to know their company and their product or service from memory.

Aim to get them to trust you more than they trust your competitors. They should want to come back to your online business before thinking of any others.

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Paula Wynne is the award-winning entrepreneur of social networking site, iHubbub, and author of ‘Create A Successful Website’ and Pimp My Site.

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