Design Tips For Home Workers

Working from a home office gives you every reason and way more incentive to go to town and decorate it for Christmas!

Some sparkle around the place should keep your spirits up and motivate you to work that bit harder, so you can (hopefully!) reward yourself with a few days away from your home business to enjoy the festivities!

If, like us, you're not willing to pay a fortune for tinsel and baubles then you'll be pleased to know that Holly Poulter, of Pretty Please Event Planning came up with a great idea for making your space look beautiful without breaking the bank.

Pinecones make a beautiful decoration for a home office

Holly believes a really great and inexpensive way of decorating your home office for Christmas is to use whatever is around you - in this case, it’s pinecones.

Sprayed or painted in seasonal colours or blasted with glittter, they will make great little Christmas touches to any area.

I’ve displayed my pinecones in a bowl with a pillar candle and some coffee beans I have - the smell is gorgeous when it’s lit.


Now for the Blue Peter bit! To make this for your home office you will need:

  • Pinecones
  • Newspaper
  • A can of spray in the seasonal colour of your choice (silver glitter, gold, red, or snow)
  • A display bowl


Make sure your pinecones are clean and dry - leave them for a few hours in an airing cupboard or by a radiator to make sure.

Dry pinecones, newspaper and spray paint are the tools needed for a freelancer to decorate their home officeLay out your pinecones on some newspaper on a floor or surface. Make sure you cover a good area with newspaper in case the spray goes further than you anticipated - or do this part outside!




A home worker's best friend for decorating pine cones is a can of snow sprayHold your spray can a good arms length away from the pinecones before spraying.




Spraying pine cones a pretty Christmas colour makes a great home office decorationIf you’re using a metallic spray, make sure you completely cover the pinecones, especially the inside bits! If you’re using snow spray, it’s much nicer to leave some of the natural pinecone on display.




Leave them to dry, and display them in your office!'

It's also the time of year when freelancers like to socialise, so we also asked Holly, who is featured in our showcase of home based business owners, if she had any tips for memorable features at a Christmas home workers' party. Of course she did!

  • Flower arrangements, no matter how inexpensive, at varying heights down a dinner table always looks great.
  • If you have only a few people for the party, having something to do is the most important thing.
  • Consider setting up a DIY photobooth with a self timer or the app on your Mac.
  • Buy some Christmas theme props like these, and let loose.
  • Afterwards the photos will look great on your small business' blog or social networks, to show off to clients.
  • Spend some time at the party ceremonially writing down some of the things you want to have achieved and want to be celebrating by next Christmas, and put them all in a bowl or display them afterwards.
  • Candles in different shapes and sizes, clustered together, look brilliant.

Lastly, says, Holly, being inventive with what you have can have some great results - like upside down wine glasses, candles and flower heads.

You don't have to just do this for Christmas, think about Holly's great ideas for other times of the year and any event you may be planning for your start-up business launch.

And when you're planning your wedding ... get hold of Holly!


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