Empty Nest? Start A Home Business

You’ve waved them cheerfully into their new accommodation, and driven back down the motorway. But once the front door is shut behind you, you realise how different your house feels now they’re gone.

Where there was once raised voices, doors slamming, music playing and laughter there’s now silence. It suddenly sinks in that they’re gone.

Many parents get so caught up in the chaotic planning for their son or daughter going off to university, or moving in with a partner that they don’t take time to think about how they’re going to cope in their new ‘empty nest’.

With more free time (no more taxiing them about, or cleaning up after them) many people find themselves moping about, missing their offspring and wondering what to do with themselves in their absence.

Rather than focusing on the loss of a child’s presence, this could be the time that you use that ‘time-hole’ to your advantage. Be positive: write out a list of things that you’ve always wanted to do but never before had time for, and set yourself new goals for the future.

Is your list empty? Stuck for ideas?


How to cope with a new empty nest


Here are a few ideas to start you off ...


Where have you always wanted to go? The next time you are working from home, clear your desk for a minute and get out your atlas or do some research on the internet; plan your route for a dream trip. It doesn’t have to be abroad; there are bound to be places of interest close by that you’ve never made it to. Just get out there!

Further Your Education

Community colleges and schools often have evening classes. From pottery to learning a language, it can be right there at your fingertips. Some may even be free and you’ll meet new people and enjoy new conversations. Or try an online course and learn from your own home office.

Update Your Look

A new hairstyle, new clothes, jewellery or a bag can do wonders to revive you. If money is an issue, browse through your local charity shops – there may be a treasure awaiting you. Start an exercise routine or a new healthy eating plan. You'll feel and look years younger!


Working from home gives you the option of choosing when you work, and you could plan your time so that your spare hours can help others.

There are lots of organisations that would welcome your help; whether it’s a specific skill you can offer or simply your time, volunteering will make others, and yourself feel good.

Try your local schools and charity shops or use Google to find volunteering opportunities in your area. 


Pick up those books that are sitting around your home that you’ve never had time for and delve into them. Enjoy discovering new authors or re-read an old favourite.  

Go Green

Start a new gardening project. A patio or new beds, or plant a fruit tree and enjoy waiting for it to bear gems next summer. Why not create an outdoor space for you to enjoy a break from your home office in?

If you’re conservative in your gardening tastes, be bold and try something different.


Give your house a fresh new look. If you have a home office you could give that a makeover and create an inspirational work space. Read interior design books or browse advice sites for tips and inspiration and then get to it. 

Bucket List

Get your all time dare-to-dream list on the boil. From simple and stylish to wacky and outrageous, don't just think about it, write it down and then do it. After all, we only have one life - so live it!

Hobby Horse

Stoke up old passions with a hobby. Buy a magazine or a book to teach yourself a new hobby or go back and learn old tricks. 

Of course, in any or all of these suggestions, discuss your thoughts, feelings and future plans with your partner. If you don't have a partner - go get one. Meeting new people and making new friends is the ideal way to fill your empty nest.




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