Feet On The Go

Having a home business doesn’t mean that you spend all your time in your office. Freelancers and home workers often have to get out and about visiting clients, researching and running errands, and whilst this is a great way to stay fit and healthy, it can take its toll on their feet.

So how do you keep your feet fabulous? Rosalind Brookman put her best foot forward to find out.

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Keep those home business feet on the move by looking after them with our healthy suggestions


The Right Shoes

Did you know that your feet can swell up a whole size bigger during lengthy periods of walking? If your shoes have ever felt tighter after you’ve been out and about visiting your home business clients, or you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your feet, then you need to move up a size; otherwise you are running the risk of cutting off the blood circulation in your toes and therefore possibly losing toenails.  

Paul Beadsworth, a podiatrist at Shuropody wants to be sure home business start ups keep their feet in top nick:

Wear good supportive footwear with a small heel (not flat shoes or high heeled shoes.

Ensure they are lace up or strapped/velcro shoes rather than slip on. They should be flexible at the front and back of the shoe, and shoud be non-flexible in the centre of the shoe.'

Banish Blisters

Wearing the right size shoes will also help prevent blisters – if they’re too large or too small they will rub your skin whilst you walk. Shop around until you find the ones that fit you the best.  

The rough insides of some shoes can rub your feet and cause blisters. Thicker socks can prevent this, and padded blister plasters will help if you put one on at the first sign of one coming up. You can also find special shoes that are designed without seams on the inside.


Paul Beadsworth advises on how to keep home working feet free of blistersPaul Beadsworth 

Blister socks, which I personally use for sports, help to reduce moisture and friction. Blister plasters and/or fleecy web adhesive material are quite good for protecting those hot spots from blisters during long walks.



Get Support

If your shoes are the right size but you are still experiencing pain when you walk you might need further support.  Arch supports, insoles or orthotics can help prevent arch strain, heel pain and support weak ankles and knees. Consulting a podiatrist will help get you back on the mobile working path.

Paul added that corrective orthotics (insoles) help if you have general foot pain caused by the low or high arched foot (such as plantar fascitis).'

Get the right support for your mobile, on the move feet

Reward Them

At the end of a long day darting around to visit your home business clients make sure you give your feet the pampering they deserve. A warm and bubbly foot spa, followed by a luxurious foot lotion (and a massage if you have a willing helper!) will ensure they are ready to get back out on the road the next day!

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