Find Your Home Business Passion

When was the last time you would describe yourself as ‘passionate’ about something? Are you 'passionate' about your home business? Or do you, when asked, use the watered-down words 'I do this...' or 'I like this...' instead?

Passion is a powerful word, and being passionate about something gives you that little bit of fire inside that enables you to succeed.

Scott Marsh is passionate about Xcelerate Fitness, his personal training company, and he explores that concept with us now.

Scott says, 'As our world becomes more dominated by technology many of us have lost our ability to truly connect with our environment, identifying what really makes us tick and what fills us with excitement. This lack of connection with our greater environment is what drives the vicious cycle of slogging through life unsatisfied.

It doesn’t take much social media status browsing to realise that passion as a description for a topic, or even for life, is a word that many are unfamiliar with.

Sure, many people can tell us what they like, but how many people can tell you what their life’s calling is and the legacy they wish to leave? 

Find your start-up home based business motivation and passion

Passion is by no means something that you are born innate with nor can it be taught by another. It is something that has to be searched for and found. Passion is something that has to be developed over a significant period of time with an appropriate set of circumstances that touch an individual enough to create an emotional connection. 

As a description we often pair the idea of being passionate about something with our goals, our vision and the legacy we as individuals are trying to create.'


It seems no coincidence that the word ‘passion’ comes from the Greek verb ‘Paskho’ meaning ‘to suffer’. The most passionate people I know are the ones who have suffered in some capacity but have gone on to use this struggle positively to create a legacy that touches and inspire others.  

We have to remember that suffering causes a very strong emotional connection, so if you are suffering right now, just think what powerful things you can do with it!

Passion comes from change, but it is also one of the most important catalysts for change. When you think about some of the fantastic things you have achieved in your life you can nearly always associate a feeling excitement or enthusiasm for that subject. It is human nature to associate good feelings with success.

You see, over a set period of time your consistent efforts - even if forced in the beginning - add up, building a structure, block by block. With each block laid down a nugget of knowledge, an interest,  a lesson learned, an experience, a struggle lies within it. This is passion in the making. This is you making that emotional connection with a topic that can create a legacy. 

Whenever you have achieved something big think of all those passion filled blocks that you lay down one by one as the foundations to your eventual achievement. Much like a game of Tetris, at the time of play the blocks didn’t always fit neatly together and make a lot of sense, but the more experienced you get in your situation, in your game, the more you are able to organise them all, one-by-one, into place. You create meaning.

The sad thing in this day and age is that people no longer share their experiences or success, whether it is through fear of judgement or because they just feel nobody will be interested. 

This is passion lost and passion wasted!  

An important thing that I was once told was, ‘You don’t need to be an expert to educate and inspire others, you just need to be a few rungs above them on the ladder towards a certain goal.’

To find your passion, look at every success in your life you have had. Identify why you were successful and what got you your eventual outcome. Share it! This is where the magic lies, the passion grows and legacy develops. Don’t waste it - use it to make your business start-up truly successful.'

About The Author

Scott Marsh is the director and head coach at Xcelerate Fitness, a results-based personal training company that was set up in July 2010. He was head coach at Phoenix Pro Fitness in Godalming, Surrey working under Charlotte Ord of ITV’s ‘The Biggest Loser.’

His website is

I hope that's stirred some feelings of passion in you all - now get back to your home office and throw it all into your home-based business!  

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