Head Hunting Home Business Couples

If you live and work with your partner, wife or hubby and run your business from home, you need to treat yourselves with extra special days or weekends out.

We went 'head-hunting' to find out what makes the mind tick positively for couples working from home. 

We asked Dr Stocchi from Harley Street Pychology how to ensure home business couples are loved-up all year round, because ... after all, a home business couple is not just for St Valentine's Day - they're in it for life!

Positive Mental Attitude For Couple Working From Home

The key ingredient for making these types of relationships functional and extremely successful is the idea of boundaries and having an acutely open level of communication.
If we look at how the individuals first meet is usually the tell tail sign where everything goes “Right”.

Often these relationships develop from the workplace, where you encounter a new colleague who you are attracted to and because you are more open at work and have less time to keep up pretences we let our guards down.


Who Are You?

We begin to see many sides to the person that works with us on a daily basis. We see their moods (good and bad), we identify how they relate to others within the work place and slowly but surely what follows is the date.
When the date night happens the only thing that is missing is experiencing the sexual intimacy that has been yearning to unwrap itself for an extensive courtship at work.
Realistically you have created the perfect relationship—because you have seen your partner in many contexts and have learnt more about them than most other relationships because of the work and home life information.


Where Did It All Go Wrong?

When these working from home relationships go wrong it is when one or both of the partners feel smothered by the other or there is no longer any newness within the relationship. These are key things to remember not only in this type of relationship but all in general.
There needs to be a fine balance (best to speak openly and negotiate this) with the boundaries we have with our partners. What I mean by this is, being mindful of being too enmeshed with friends as a couple—keeps your friends as yours and hers as hers.

Don't let complacency kick in!

There is nothing wrong with being friendly and having a large group of friends, but the problem is there is no new information to report when you come home at night.


Keep Certain Activities For Yourself

A common problem most women will experience in these relationships is the feeling that her man is pulling away. So her natural process to recover from this is to move closer and get him to open up. A man resorts to running to his cave because emotions are not really his source of strength. This can be if he desires to become more emotional.
Discuss your expectations of your partner as you will be very surprised how many expectations we develop in relationships and our partners never actually know them.  What is your and your partners love language?

Do you need to be shown love through:

  • Words?
  • Emotions?
  • Physical touch?
  • Gifts?
  • Or is it a mix of these which keep you content and contained?

Not only is it important to know this of yourself so you can guide your partner if they are going wrong, but more so it is vital to know how your partner relates to you too.

Keep On Workin'

When relationships go wrong and especially these types of relationships, it is often because at the onset of the relationship you have two people working very hard to make sure that they “get the other” whereas when they “have the other”, this is when complacency kicks in.
Human beings become lazy when they get what they want in a relationship, whereas there needs to be the mind-set that when we “get the person we want”, we need to work twice as hard at keeping them. Keep this philosophy in mind and very seldom if ever will it fail you.
Dr Stocchi is a leading London based Psychologist, with clinics based in both  Harley Street and Guys Hospital. He is a regular contributor to womens glossies and national newspapers and has a phenomenal track record of success with his patients.

For further information please visit Dr Stocchi's website.  And you may want to read some books on relationship advice.

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