Healthy Lo-No Alco Drinks

January's dryathon is becoming a tradition where many adults take a step back from the excessive over indulgences of the festive season and back track their alcohol intake. Some do it to prove to themselves that they can actually stop drinking booze when needed. Others do it to give their body time to recover from too much alcho and others just like the slow down it gives them at the start of the year.

To fall in line with all these reasons, iHubbub decided to take a look out there for low alcho drinks when the dryathon gets wet again and indeed for many home business entrepreneurs who take this seriously and want to stop or slow their intake right down with alternative drinks.

It can seem pretty odd to have a juicy fat steak and baked spud with ... err a milk shake, but that is possible - along with a variety of healthy drinks to sit proudly at the steak table.

Before you scream with laughter about having a milkie with dinner, check out the effects drinking has on your hard-home-working-heart!

And down below we also have a range of oozy mocktail recipes for those of you who are determined to be good and try something different. Me included!

list of low or no alcohol drinks with meals

Bottlegreen Morello Cherry

A stimulating infusion of tart morello cherry and sour grapefruit, bottlegreen’s latest blend is Bottlegreen Morello Cherry drinkguaranteed to tantalise the taste buds. The unique and intense flavour pairing allows this drink to be perfectly matched with a fine winter’s meal, or refreshingly enjoyed on its own.

The morello cherry and hint of grapefruit pairing has been crafted using a bespoke process, using only the finest ingredients, and is free from artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives. Made in the UK using traditional winemaking techniques, this drink is also blended with clear sparkling water, complementing the overall refreshing experience.

750ml (RRP £2.39) at Waitrose

Buy Link:

Bottlegreen Sparkling Mango And Coconut

Coconut is just about everyone's favourite exotic drink so this one packs punch with the Bottlegreen Mango and Coconut drinkaddition of mango. It is a bit fizzy if you're not into fizzy drinks but is refreshingly different if you've decided to go healthy and stay off the booze.

Enjoy some summer sparkle with a few bottles at your BBQ or family picnic.

bottlegreen adds a taste of the tropical to their sparkling pressé range with a new and unique flavour combination of mango & coconut, simply blended with sparkling spring water at the bottlegreen Cotswolds mill to create a perfectly balanced and refreshing summer drink.

The tangy taste profile of this sparkling number instantly evokes memories of exotic holidays and lazy days spent on the beach. Served simply over crushed ice as an alternative to alcohol, or mixed to make a summer cocktail, it is perfect for relaxed summer dining, family gatherings and al fresco celebrations. The fruity and fresh flavour beautifully compliments seafood, shellfish, spicy dishes and desserts and is a guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser throughout the Great British barbeque season.

750ml sparkling pressé available at Tesco from February onwards, RRP £2.39

Buy Link:

Bottlegreen Raspberry And Grapefruit Cordial

A fruity addition to the table at your dinner parties doesn't always have to be a fruity wine. The combination of the raspberry and grapefruit adds a fresh tang to any dinner drinks. And of Bottlegreen grapefruit healthy drinkcourse, they can be mixed up in a big jug with bales of ice for BBQ season or a teen party.

The latest addition to the bottlegreen cordial range is a fruity raspberry & grapefruit flavour. This juicy cordial started life as a limited edition and has proven to be such a hit with bottlegreen fans that they voted to keep the flavour alive*. So now it’s here to stay as a permanent member of the bottlegreen family.

A rich infusion of delicious raspberries delivers a deep, sweet flavour which is perfectly balanced by a crisp and sour grapefruit finish. This cordial packs a summer punch reminiscent of freshly picked berries, long lazy days in the sun and alfresco afternoons spent relishing the great outdoors. Served traditionally, diluted with ice cold water, it makes the perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic, or mix with sparkling water for an alternative twist to this everyday drink.

Display in a tall pitcher with a garnish of fresh raspberries for an instant summer centrepiece.

500ml cordial available in Waitrose and Tesco from February onwards, RRP £3.15.

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New Shaken Udder Natural Milkshakes

If you're a milk nut, like our family who drinks gallons of the stuff each week, you may want to add some interesting milkshakes to the dinner table. The packaging may look like these drinks are for kids, but hey us big kids love the stuff too.

I don't know if I am talking out of turn milkshakes for big kidshere, but you could also experiment with mixing flavours - such as a yummy banana choccie milkshake!

Shaken Udder’s new range of all natural milkshakes is proving popular with people of all ages heading into the New Year with health and fitness on their mind. At less than 130 calories, the 180ml cartons of Strawberry, Chocolate or Banana Milkshake can be frozen to make a tasty and refreshing drink at the end of a long walk, a bike ride or after the gym. The new milkshakes are available in packs of three from Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores across the country and are perfect for lunch boxes and when you’re on the go.

Buy: Available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and

SaVse Smoothies- Super Blue

SaVse, the new vegetable smoothie invented in Georgia, is hoping to revolutionise vegetable beetroot smoothie consumption in the UK. By using ingredients such as broccoli, kale, spinach and avocado, SaVse means people can incorporate these ‘super vegetables’ into their diet in a healthy, natural and easy way.

SaVse is made through a process called HPP (high pressure processing) that removes the need for pasteurisation and provides an alternative means of killing bacteria. However, the most important aspect of this process is that the product does not need to be heated so none of the valuable nutrients of the vegetables are lost.

SaVse Super Blue is the newest product in the range and includes ingredients such as, Spinach, Kale, Blueberry, Beetroot and Apple.

Buy Link:


Low Alco Drinks As Healthy Alternatives

If you're so not into trying out some of the no alco options above, how about some of these low alcohol alternatives to the full booze effect?


Blue Nun Delicates

Classic wine brand Blue Nun has introduced an exciting new range of four “Delicate” 5.5% wine based drinks made with full-bodied, aromatic wine and delicious fruit flavours.  blue nun wines are great lo alcohol drinks with meals

Four crisp, light and refreshing products that ooze taste and fruit flavour, with a light and delicate touch are now available including two stills and two sparklings, ideal for sharing with friends and family throughout the  week.

These wines are fresh, fruity and you wouldn't know you're drinking low alcohol levels - well, the next morning you'll know when the headache is either not-so-bad or non-existent. Give it a whirl!

They are available to buy in most Home Bargain stores nationwide. or on-line via The (£4.29 stills and £5.29 for the sparklings).

Alfresco's Award-Winning Soft Brew

It looks like a beer. It tastes like a beer. It even pours like a beer. The only difference is it’s soft brew non alcoholic beercompletely free of alcohol and made from entirely natural ingredients.

This authentic apple flavoured 'beer' is a great non-alco alternative, although it may be a little fizzy for some tastes. None the less, it's very refreshing on its own and a bit lively with a curry!

Produced via an infusion of malted barley and hops, with added fruit juice and sparkling water, Soft Brew is the latest member of the Alfresco Drinks family, designed to satisfy sophisticated consumers who want a familiar, mature taste with none of the nasty toxic side effects.

Buy Link: (apple)

Low Alco Tropical Caribbean Shandy

One of the Caribbean’s biggest beer companies, the Carib Brewery, has launched its Shandy ow alcohol caribbean beerCarib range in the UK. Combining a light and refreshing lager with classically tropical tastes, the drink is available in three flavours, Ginger and Sorrel and Lime, celebrating the unique flavours associated with the sunshine islands.

It also deliver a low 1.2% ABV, a trend which is growing globally for lower alcoholic drinks, that still deliver on taste. Shandy Carib offers the perfect solution for a light and refreshing drink to add a little sunshine to any occasion.

If you like Ginger Beer or Crabbies (higher than high calories!) you will find the same gingery burst of flavour in the Ginger Shandy Carib. This is a must for lovers of ginger beer!

Buy this low alco beer at and available in select Tesco stores, as well as in good independent retailers.


After Drinking Wake Up Refreshed With Prefunc

This nifty little bottle of anti-headache-and-feeling-grumpy-juice can be taken before a night out. If you forget or have an impromtu drinking session that may render a bear-like head, you can knock it down the next morning to get back on your feet and refrain from being take prefunct tonic after a drinking sessionbear-headed all day. Give it a go when you're back on the booze.

How does it do these magic tricks?

Prefunc is a proprietary natural blend of fruits, herbs and spices that prepares your body for a night out. Sold in 59ml shots, this product can be taken at the beginning, middle or end of the evening. After significant success in the States they have recently launched in the UK.

Stocked in convenience stores across the UK and health chain Revital. Also sold online on the Prefunc website, Amazon and Revital.

RRP £4.99 per serving.

Buy Prefunc:  

Cancer Research UK Mocktail Recipes

Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon have given us all some inspiration to continue a low-no alco lifestyle with mocktail recipes from Diffords Guide.

Berry Smash:
Honey Blossom:
January Breeze:
Eighth Day:
Not So Cosmo:

If you know of any others, pray do share them with us all ... low booze or no booze!

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