Healthy Smile Guide

Home working has many benefits, not the least the fact that your commute is extremely short. If you feel like rolling out of bed five minutes before you are meant to be in your home office you can, and nobody will know that you’re still wearing your pyjamas!

The drawback to this of course is that it’s easier to stop paying attention to your general appearance - who’s going to see if you’ve put mascara on or straightened your hair?

Rosalind Brookman grins when she takes a look at all a home worker needs to reveal their best smile. From maintaining a healthy smile – your oral health can also be a good indicator of other health problems to looking at signs you should watch out for. And she finds some useful advice for preventing gum and teeth problems.

So take a short break from your home business to keep those pearly whites white!   

Keeping a perfect smile for home business owners


Unstable teeth  

Diabetes affects your blood vessels, and so your gums and bones around your teeth could also suffer. You might discover wobbly teeth, have a constantly dry mouth and excessive tooth decay or oral thrush – all are symptoms.  

What To Do?

See your doctor! A blood glucose test will check for diabetes, and you can then be taught how to manage it successfully.

Sore tongue 

Mouth ulcers, oral thrush and a sore tongue might be your body’s way of telling you that you need to get out of your home office and pop into the kitchen for some fruit and veg more often! A lack of vitamins and minerals can cause these symptoms, but it’s easy to change your diet to prevent this.


When you’re dying for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar when you make yourself a cuppa it’s hard to look at an apple with interest. But getting creative can make the good stuff far more appealing, so the next time you take a break from your home business and put the kettle on, try something different.

Make smoothies, check out the dried fruit section in your supermarket (you’re bound to find something you’ve never tried before) and add more beans and pulses to casseroles and stews. Don’t forget that tinned fruit and veg all count towards your five a day as well.

Bleeding gums 

Bleeding gums stem from bacteria, and these nasty mouth visitors send out toxins which can contribute to strokes and heart disease by furring up your arteries and making your liver produce high protein levels.  


Brush, brush brush! Using a soft brush, tilt the bristles against your teeth at a 45 degree angle and brush with small circular movements against the gum line and across all surfaces of your teeth. Don’t brush too often – there’s no need to have a toothbrush nestling in amongst the pens on your home office desk – it’s all about how you brush, not how much.

Home working feet are possibly the most neglected area; they can spend all day in socks and slippers and not get the attention they need.

Have a look at our Expert Foot Care Advice, and then check out our guides to looking after your feet in winter, getting ready for Christmas parties and above all keeping your home working feet on the go.


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