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Many home business owners prefer (not sure why!) to beat themselves up for their holiday such as taking a cycling holiday or hiking.

Maybe it's because (if we're honest) us home workers never stop working - and our hard-at-it brain cells can keep turning over our freelancing plans whilst we're on the move? All that fresh air and exercise can only be good for our state of mind - and with a healthy mind comes healthy home business ideas!

Unlike this exhausted home business couple you may not be heading down a long and winding road, instead you are probably heading for the hiking hills (see a range of hiking holidays) and in need of some hiking gear.

home business hiking holidays

Hmmm - maybe they're exhausted with aching blistered feet because they don't have the right hiking boots on!

We went in search of the gear you'd need before you embarked on your mountainous journey.

These Boots Were Made For Hiking

And made for walking the dog, walking the kids around the park, walking into town - okay, okay, I'll stop there.

It's just that when you get on a pair of Asolo Tribe GV hiking boots you really won't want to take them off.

Of course they're ideal for any kind of walking, even short walks with the pup (or in our case Our Cyber Security Manager) but as we're talking about hiking I should stick to the subject of hard walking.Asolo tribe GV hiking boots

Then again, your Asolos won't conk out on you, even if they rest of you does when you take on long distance walks or hikes. They are so robust and so damn comfy that you may never ever go back to wearing trainers - I jest not!

Choosing a pair of boots can be exciting, yet difficult. There is a lot to consider and making the wrong decision when it comes to footwear can be a costly, and even dangerous mistake to make.

However, the experts from leading technical footwear brand Asolo are here to help, with some top tips for buying walking boots.

Key Features:

•    Upper: Water resistant Perwanger leather 2, 2.2, 4 mm
•    Lining: Gore-tex performance comfort footwear
•    Lasting board: Asoflex 00MR
•    Anatomic foot bed: Lite 2
•    Sole: Asolo/Vibram® Radiant rubber-eva

An excellent choice of boots for hiking or even walking the dog. And if you love them as much as we do, you must just put your booted-feet up on the sofa and take a cat-nap.


Gearing Up For Hiking

Women's Bamboo Striped Sweat PantsWomen's Bamboo Striped Sweat Pants

Sporty yet casual style in BAM's medium weight fabric.

A great all rounder - perfect for hiking in comfort or just chilling out in them (with a well-deserved drink) when you reach your destination!

You may not want to be in sporty casual sweat pants to go hard-hiking but these are comfy for walking the dog kinda hiking and family picnic kinda hiking.

Buy them from www.bambooclothing.co.uk


Women's Bamboo Half Zip SweatWomen's Bamboo Half Zip Sweat

A new favourite - a must-have garment for this season in BAM's new medium weight fabric.  Great for keeping you warm and cosy as you walk - with half zip puller and two front pockets. 

Extra detail includes BAM signture embroidery, contrast inside neck and velvet neck tape.

Buy it from www.bambooclothing.co.uk

If you're prone to exhaustion - phew, we're tired already just thinking of that climb - then you may want to stock up on some nutrition gels and joint support to ensure those knees are not knocking by the end of the day when you can slip into a tub and soak away your long trek.

Performance Endurance GelsPush Nutrition natural energy gels

Push Nutrition have developed the world’s first and only water-based, preservative-free energy gels to provide the exact nutrition that a cyclist needs while undertaking exercise – and nothing else.

Push Nutrition natural energy gels contain the perfect combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates required for optimum endurance performance.

Buy it here: www.pushnutrition.eu


Supports Those Joints New Image Health Joint Support

Support the key areas of health, sport and wellbeing!

Designed to work in harmony with your body and to take the confusion out of choosing a supplement, New Image Health support has been developed with the highest quality ingredients and tailored to enhance and maintain specific areas of the body, such as the joints, heart and the digestive system.

Buy it here: www.hightstreettv.com

Also take a look at this idea for healthy joints.

Soak Away Your Trek With Dead Sea Spa MagikFinder's Health Dead Sea Salts

Recover after all that hard work and training!

Containing up to eight times more minerals than most sea water, scientific evidence proves that water taken from the dead sea has the power to treat a host of common problems experienced after exercise, such as joint pain.

Finder’s Health Dead Sea Salts should not be missing from any athlete’s bathroom cabinet; they contain magnesium, bromides and potassium which are paramount to the healing process after strenuous exercise, hiking and running.

Buy them from Holland & Barrett, Debenhams, John Lewis, GNC and independent health food stores.

Before you decide which hiking holiday you and your home business partner are going to do or if you're stuck for ideas on where to go, check out these hiking and walking holidays, along with lots of other activities.

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