Home Business Insulation

Home Businesses should insulate now to save money and beat rising energy prices, especially if you have just started out and are still setting up your new business - you need to cut costs at every corner to make sure your new venture enjoys longevity.

With the recent news that energy bills are going to increase and with many energy saving insulation solutions readily available for home businesses, there really is no reason why you shouldn't be insulating to cut those bills.

Get Home business insulation to help cut costs in your new startup home business venture

With winter and higher energy bills on the way, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is advising that now is the ideal time for those businesses based at home to invest in installing insulation measures.

With the cost of energy ever increasing and as much as 60% of heat escaping through uninsulated walls and roofs, the simplest and most cost-effective method is to insulate. 

Cavity wall and loft insulation could save around £310* year on year and both can be installed in less than a day. Even homes not suitable for cavity wall insulation can still be insulated. Solid wall insulation and loft insulation combined can result in even greater savings, at around £635** per year.

NIA approved installers can provide a survey and quotation and are experienced in recommending the most suitable and practical insulation options for each individual property. NIA members are trained to the highest standards and also governed by a strict Code of Professional Practice.

Debbie Bird On Planning Your Home BusinessNeil Marshall

“There are many options for insulating walls and roofs available to home businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption and we would advise them to act now to combat rising energy prices.”


For more information about the NIA, including a list of members throughout the UK, visit the website at www.nationalinsulationassociation.org.uk  or call 08451 636363.

The NIA suggests: Based on adding cavity wall insulation (CWI) (saving around £135 per year) and loft insulation (LI) of 270mm (saving around £175 per year). Saving based on an uninsulated three bed semi detached gas heated house. If a property has 50mm of loft insulation then a combined saving for CWI and LI would then be around £185 per year.

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