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They say people and their pets grow to look like each other, but do you think it’s true that home workers can also share characteristics with inanimate objects?

Here at iHubbub we think that the mug you choose to sit proudly on your home office desk says a lot about you … Rosalind Brookman went mug-hunting.

If you have a mug that you are really precious about and feel that it controls you, tells you when to take the next coffee (or tea) break let us know. Or maybe you have different mugs for different times of the time? Or different mugs for different drinks.

So let's find the right mug before we dart off to take our home working coffee break ...

Here at iHubbub we think that the mug you choose to sit proudly on your home office desk says a lot about you … Rosalind Brookman went mug-hunting.

Editor of iHubbub, Paula Wynne, has one mug - strangely enough a tall hot choc mug that she only uses to drinks coffee - but then in the arvie, she pops down for a hot choccie (she won't tell us if she laces it with Baileys, but we suspect she does) in a different mug. One that looks more like a tea cup!

Weird or what?

Here's a few mugs that came to visit at iHubbub HQ and tell us what kind of owner they are looking for! They didn't stop there, they poured their hearts out with all sorts of strange insights into what lies beneath.


Are you a tall and elegant home worker with a mug to match?

'I ooze elegance, I love only the very best English breakfast tea or Earl Grey.

I am polite and see how my nose stands in the air, not that I am snobbish, of course.

My ideal owner would be a lady of leisure who appreciates my beautiful pattern and enjoys tea just as much as I do – someone like Helen Mirren would be fantastic!'

You can buy me from Apollo Housewares Vintage Mug and I only cost £2.99 from www.apollohousewares.com. If you're my Helen-Mirren-Owner, please come and get me and let's do tea, darling!'


The Anamorphic mugs are for the home office worker who likes to ponder over their coffee'We are twin-unusual mugs. He's coffee and I'm tea.

Our polished mirror finish correctly reflects the distorted words on our saucer, not because we've had Baileys ... err hot choccie like Rosalind's editor.

No, none of that. We are just swirling our words around our heads.

We would love to live with a variety of home workers. Are you up for taking us home? We'd be interested in talking to anyone - from those home workers looking for a reaction from friends and family, right through to magicians, puzzlers, professors and those home business start-ups who appreciate the smarter things in life.

The Anamorphic mug is for the creative freelancer to enjoy their tea in

We are for people who do not go for run of the mill, we want home business entrepreneurs who want to surprise and introduce their home working associates to new and different things!

Our (his and hers ... err coffee and tea) Anamorphic mugs are available from www.madaboutthepad.com for £29. Look who is talking posh, Miss Elegant above!'



Dog-loving home workers can drink a cup to their furry friends with the AGA Saga Breakfast mug'A real beastie is me! I am perfect for those of you home business entrepreneurs (we all know you call yourself that but you're really a pooch-entrepreneur in disguise) who like to put the kettle on as soon as you've come back from a refreshing romp across the fields with your dog.

Sit down in the warmth of your kitchen and fill me full of English Breakfast tea to relax before the rigours of the day begin.'

If you're up for a big mugful at each pooch-scratching moment, you'll find me, the AGA Saga Breakfast fine bone china mug, on the shelves of www.agacookshop.co.uk for £12.99. Grrrr, come and get me!



A freelancer's fry up wouldn't be complete without a cup of tea in this Museum of London's Full Breakfast mug'It's breakfast time! I'm a great reminder that the kitchen is just across the hall from your home office, so why not treat yourself occasionally to a great British fry-up.....mmmm, I can hear that bacon sizzling already. All washed down with a lovely cup of tea in yours truly!

Stop licking your lips, and buy me from The Museum of London shop for £7.50. Oh go on then, just one more slice of fried bread...'



'Us Moody Mugs are perfect for home workers who change their mood several times a day!

And we know there are plenty of you out there. We can tell, not only 'cause our merry-makers are bone-ing up with stacks of us in store, but because we've heard the word on the start-up business street that since this recession thing hit town, we're in big demand.

Not that we're saying you lot are down and out moody, not at all, just downright moody when you face challenges and you swing right back up when you hit the big time. Which is whaHome workers can change their mug to suit their mood with Mood Mugst we're gonna do tomorrow.

Hit the big time cause we are gonna be famous on this iHubbub community site thingey-ma-jig.

If you are as Happy as Larry or a real Cheeky Chappie, like Ben over there, then pick us up for a relaxing cup of tea to start the day off well.

And for those of you who wake up feeling Seriously Sleepy, Horribly Hungover, Severely Stressed or Monstrously Moody there's a mug for you too - we'll give you a caffeine injection and we might just put that smile back on your face as well!

We are really just a bubbly, friendly, loyal bunch of mugs. Who rattled on about being moody then? Come check out our moods for £8.95 from www.thabto.co.uk. And don't even look at the mugs below - what is that handle all about?!


The Knuckle Duster mug will show everybody who the real home working boss is'Shoo, you lot. We are ideal for the business start-up owner that really means business!

I'm the black dude so I'll tell you about me. I'm a mug that can handle a strong coffee so put me on your home office desk and show anybody that enters that we (you and me) are the boss.

Nobody will pinch your stapler when I'm around! I won't even threaten them with a 'Knuckle Dusting'. 

And if you want her beside me with the gold teeth, you can get us both Knuckle Dusters for £10.95 each at www.thabto.co.uk.

Espresso Cups

Wake up and smell the coffee with the BoConcept Collector’s Item Espresso Cups.  

If you are a coffee conisouir, you will know how important it is to drink your espresso out of the correct vessel. 

The BoConcept cups are the ideal choice, with the perfect height (51/2cm) and an easy to hold handle. They will look great in any contemporary kitchen setting complementing their funky designs.  £39 for 6.

Stockist www.boconcept.com


Always Sparkle Fun Coffee Mugs

Always Sparkle have produced a unique range of fun and quirky sentiments that are designed to make you smile!  Screen printed and transferred onto beautifully crisp fine bone china mugs, the bold and clear typography is suitable for any grown up home/workspace. 

Roderick Field – Refreshingly Wit Tea
Roderick Field does not claim to be a designer but is simply someone who is troubled by the daily pitfalls of communicating ideas.  He attempts to use a considered layout to transmit concurring messages to the left and right brain simultaneously and has a lot of fun doing so!  Here, in his brand new range of Refreshingly Wit Tea mugs, he shares his enduring passion for language and British culture and lets the words become the picture in a humourous and nostalgic way.

Last Lemon - Manifesto
This range of mugs from the design studio of Last Lemon promises to be an instant classic.  The extensive range celebrates the joy of words with wit and heart in a public declaration of principles, policies and objectives.  Including Bless this Home, Bless this Office, Bless this Mess, My Desk and One Day This House Shall be Tidy, there are sure to be words that resonate with many!

Choosing A Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs come in so many designs and sizes and is really a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer thin bone china while others go for fatter, stronger ceramic mugs to hold a large cuppa.

If you're in a hurry, try a mug of the standard (250ml) size which is ideal for a quick cuppa and perfect for those who prefer a lighter weight mug.

The large (450ml) mug is ideal for the first coffee of the day or that 11 o’clock pick-me-up.  It is also an easy and convenient size for lunchtime soup. 

If you want us to showcase your mug, drop us a quick line ...


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