How Rupert Manages ME And A Home Business

Although Rupert Patterson now runs his own self employed business from home it has been a tough and long journey battling CFS, also known as ME, to get to this point.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME) is a condition that causes marked long-term tiredness (fatigue) and other symptoms which are not caused by any other known medical condition. Find out more about chronic fatigue syndrome - ME.

Since 2001 Rupert has suffered with neurological condition ME. Over the years his condition has gradually got worse. By 2010 his health had deteriorated so much that he was unable to work work full time.

In December 2011 Rupert was forced to take voluntary redundancy.

During a spell of rest and recuperation, which helped his condition improve slightly. However, still having very limited mobility, the idea of commuting daily to an office could prove to be too much.

Rupert decided that it was probably best to find a way he could run his own business from home.

you can work from home despite having a long term illness

In the Autumn of 2012 Rupert started researching ways that he could be self employed and run his own business from home. 

Although there were a few options that did not work out (including a cold calling role), Rupert found Remote Employment - iHubbub's sister site which specialises in flexible home working jobs.

And while browsing through the various home based jobs on Remote Employment Rupert bumped into one of their top clients, Arise, who are always looking to partner with people who want to or need to work from home.

After reading all the ins and out of how to run a self-employed limited company in order to partner with a company like Arise, he decided to complete the admissions process.

At that time, Rupert didn't expect it would work out for him because of the difficulty he had experienced up until then of finding a solution that would enable him to run his own self employed business at home.

There just wasn't anything out there that was suitable for his needs. Things had started to running a profitable self-employed business from home was just a near impossible dream.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it right?
Despite the negative experiences he'd had up to that point, Rupert went through the Arise admissions process. After a short wait to hear from them, the work at home opportunity was announced on the Arise Portal.

Rupert was delighted when his phone interview with Arise went well and getting the nod of approval was a huge boost of confidence. At last it seemed possible to be running his own home self employed business.

However, with the good news giving him a real boost, it was still extremely difficult to balance the Arise training while managing a set back period for the ME. Yet being able to earn an income from home and work again to give his brain some much needed exercise was well worth the effort it took in his condition.

During the days or evenings that Rupert was well enough to work with Arise proved to be valuable.

A huge upside to running his own self employed business at home is that Rupert no longer feels his health condition dictates his life. Instead, a man still managing his ME has successfully adjusted his life to fit around his health condition.

Such a 180 degree turn around for Rupert has meant a huge change in mental outlook: thinking positively about the future for the first time since he was made redundant and not feeling like life is passing him by because of the ME.

Rupert said: "Without the Arise lifeline, none of this would be possible and mRupert works from home with Arisey quality of life would be very different today ... materially, mentally and emotionally."

Today, Rupert's ME has to be managed, but thankfully it is no longer the focus of an existence. It can be managed so much more effectively by the fact he can stay at home to work to work and not use his time and energy travelling.

There are many other physical and mental demands of a full time office based job that Rupert has avoided by running his own self employed home based business.

Are you in a situation where you need to work at home?

Or do you know anyone in a similar scenario to Ruperts?

Tell them to read through this page all about how they could work from home with Arise! These questions and answers on how to work with Arise may also help.

And if that works for you and your situation of needing to run a self employed business at home, go straight to apply to work from home with Arise!

Good Luck!

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