How To Be Brand Aware

Do you often wonder how to brand your start up business or online business? It can be a minefield of branding planning and brainstorming what to do before you start preparing to brand your new start up business.

But small business branding doesn't need to be complicated or complex, especailly when you are just starting up your new business.

There are several different ways you should continue to filter your ‘website image’ through to your audience, all of which will maintain your brand awareness. Try implementing some of these suggestions to learn how to become brand aware.

Do you often wonder how to brand your start up business or online business?

Your Domain

Wherever possible use your domain name as your brand. Show it off on all your business stationery and marketing material.  For example: when we started up we called ourselves to reinforce our web presence.

Thank You And Come Again

If you have any form pages, such as application forms, contact us, information requests or subscription forms that need completing, use the final page as a way to thank your visitors with your logo and thank you message.  Also, use this page to highlight any promotional links.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your ranking in search engine results.


E-Shots Or E-News

Set up and use a mailing list to drive your domain name and brand. If possible, create a header and footer that is the same as the one on your site and use this consistently to either sell or give your list members topics of interest.


The demand for good quality content is a top priority on all web owners’ to do lists, so make it easy to get your articles published on other sites with relevant content.

At the bottom of the article suggest that anyone can use the content if they credit your name, website and provide a link back to the article on a specific web page.

Not only will this help you build incoming links, you also get the free publicity thrown in (learn about SEO in my 2nd book, Pimp My Site).


Carry your brand and key message on through your emails and keep it neatly in your signature. More on this in a minute.

Auto Responders

The idea is that they can provide an automated email reply 24/7 and you don’t have to be on hand to do a thing, except set them up in the first place. Use them to send free reports, articles, links and to keep your brand and domain in full view.

I am the recipient of some auto responders and they do sometimes work for me, but they can also be intrusive if they don’t stop coming, so use them wisely.

Before sending out too many automated emails, think about how you would feel if you were on the other end.


E-books are a good way to send your brand around the world via your visitors’ distribution tools. If someone likes your downloaded E-book and thinks friends or colleagues should get a copy, it is forwarded on without you even knowing. That’s viral marketing at its best. Learn how to create an E-book in Pimp My Site.

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Paula Wynne is the award-winning entrepreneur of social networking site, iHubbub, and author of ‘Create A Successful Website’ and Pimp My Site.

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