How To Establish Competitive Analysis

Standing out from the crowd is hard enough at the best of times, most of us prefer to blend in.  But when you're starting up a home business there just isn't room for blending! 

That's when you have to think out of the proverbial box and start marketing your new business venture so it grows and flourishes into a successful home business.

How to beat your competitors when you start marketing your home based business start up

Paula Wynne, author of 'Create A Successful Website' and Pimp My Site, explains how to get noticed amidst all your competitors.

This is an interesting one. While you want to beat the competitive guys over the road, you don’t want to copy them, so find out what they do best and worst.

Ensure that there is no fuzzy confusion with their site and yours by avoiding the same colours, fonts and designs. Of course, it goes without saying, never use their key message. Yours must be distinctly different and unique to your business. Don’t try and wear too many hats - in other words, focus on a niche or speciality. This will give you the competitive edge.

Spy Spotting

When you spy on your competitors, establish what makes you different from them and why your visitors should buy from you.  Also figure out what model they use and how you could follow the best of something similar without being a copy cat.

Best of all – be original and creative, and only use them to gauge your SWOT. In doing so, you will rise above them.


In order to get yourself prepared for your website, research your market’s industry sector and brainstorm different inventive ways to show off your products. The act of brainstorming doesn’t always have to be at a wipe board, in front of a PC or surrounded by your notes.

Once you start the process of brainstorming your unconscious mind and creative thought processes will be working intensely to decipher the issues you need solving.

For a long time I have written novels and whenever the idea for a new book pops into my head, my brain chomps on the idea and it develops over time. Then, when I get down to the planning process, I am chuffed to see how much has been brewing upstairs.

Keep your bubbling pot going and carry on making notes. As you read through these articles, bursts of meaty detail will come to light.

These are new and exciting times but reasearch is always vital.  Have a read through some of the many articles on starting up your home business, including how to name and host your home business website, how to set and acheive goals and many more in our How To section. 

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