How To Lose Weight Fast

Hectic home working schedules and starting up or running a home-based business does not give you an excuse to relax your weight loss plans, or even worse, put more weight on!

Okay, so I have been telling myself that for yonks but this time I had a primary motive to do something about it. Fitting into a wedding dress and looking gorgeous is as good a motivation as any.

Yours may be different … a holiday on the horizon, health warnings from loved-ones, a special occasion or because you’re a home business owner and want to ooze confidence when seeing new business clients.

Or quite simply because you want to go back to looking and feeling good about yourself. And why not!

fast weight loss tips and advice for home workers

Before you hit the obvious roadblocks (the fridge that keeps looming in front of you no matter which way you turn...) take time out to read our Weight Loss feature; find fast ways to lose weight with or without eating, treatments for a quick trim and slim, bootcamps to help you drop your pants (as you lose the weight obviously, no other reason!) and supplements that could speed up your journey.

Although some may suggest that a home-based home office poses unique challenges for those of us needing to shed some kilos I’d ague that the freedom and flexibility of working from home can help you build healthy home working habits and get rid of that stubborn fat.

Don’t veg out and be a home working desk potato; get on your fitness bike! But be warned about some exercises not to try at home.  In my own personal quest I wanted any method to get rid of stubborn 'pockets' of fat.

How do you tighten up or tone up those flabby areas (tummy, under arms, bums and thighs) without pummelling yourself at gym? Should you hook yourself up to one of those slendertone type machines on a daily basis whilst you are at your desk, beavering over your home working business plans?

Some new technology out there suggests long term treatments can reduce fatty areas so how does one decide if they should go that route or give in and go under the knife or lipo suction pump?

You can count calories, points, the peas on your plate or anything else diet programmes urge you to do to lose those dough rolls around your waist. But listen to this - here’s the big secret about losing weight fast.

With today’s often hectic, pressurised lifestyles, the typical multi-tasking wife, mother and home working business woman is frequently forced to put herself last in the pecking order when it comes to meal times and all too often hasn’t the time, money or in-built motivation to successfully adjust old eating and exercise habits.

Understandably many female home workers struggle to stick to new weight loss programmes or diet regimes as the inner demons that crave the sugary cakes, milky coffees, fast foods, microwave meals and midnight snacks haunt us on a daily basis.

Many women say they would like to eat more healthily but something deep within makes them return again to the fridge to comfort eat because of unresolved emotional issues or genuine fatigue at the end of a demanding week of combining home working and running a family home.

Struggling to feed a family on a tight budget when alluring supermarket offers promote cheap convenience foods causes a further onslaught on our defences as mass produced fat-loaded foods, that our bodies don’t want, once again end up in our weekly shop.

Women who are making more of an effort to eat more healthily are often bemused when they notice they are gaining weight, but it only takes a few extra mouthfuls every mealtime, combined with a sedatory lifestyle, to slowly start to pile on the pounds.


The Big Weight Loss Secret

The quickest way to lose weight is to eat less calories than your body needs to burn and combine that with burning fat.

That's pretty easy to fit in to your day: try taking a break from your home working routine to walk the dog or run around the footie field with your little-uns. If you want to go more hard-core then take out a subscription to a gym or book yourself into a weekend Boot Camp. If you really just can't afford the time away from your busy home working lifestyle, then why not try squeezing in to some weight loss hot pants?!


How to Lose Weight Fast

It's a simple equation really - you need to use more calories than you take in. So, more walking and less cake whilst you're home working is the bottom line.

If you burn 500 more calories than you eat every day for a week, you should lose about 1-2 pounds.


Boost Your Metabolism With Spices

Patrick Holdord told us that foods which 'heat you up' tend to be from the pepper and chilli family, so chilli, cayenne and paprika have a small effect on increasing metabolism and hence might help to burn fat. So root around that cupboard and start making your meals hot, hot, hot!

Remember, we've got a lot more tips in our super-healthy home working weight loss feature!

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