How To Promote Your Home Business on Pinterest

Home Business entrepreneurs would do well to learn new creative ways to use Pinterest to help their business. In our on-going Social Media Marketing feature, we are exploring all the options of how you can start marketing your home based business with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual scrap-booking network that's rapidly gaining popularity with top brands and businesses pinning images of their products and services and in doing so marketing themselves. You should be doing the same.

But first, you'll need some hot Pinterest marketing tips. Here freelance Guest Writer Adrienne Erin explains how you can get a social presence on Pinterest to promote your home based business products and services.

the how to guide to marketing your business on pinterest

The easiest way to explain what Pinterest is is to look at it as a virtual image board. People pin photos and videos to boards and others can like them, add comments or repin to their own boards.

You can have an account for personal use and a completely different one for your business. Even though Pinterest has been around for a while now, it’s a relatively new social media platform for marketing your business.

Recently Pinterest launched support for business pages, and updated their terms of service to allow commercial use of the platform. That means, just like Twitter or Facebook you can now promote your brand, products and services over the network.

The first step to using Pinterest is to convert a personal profile into a business page, or create one from scratch. After doing that, you’ll also want to get your website verified so that people know your Pinterest account is associated directly with your business.

Verifying also gives your business the added bonus of getting access to Pinterest’s web analytics, which are useful to measure just how successful your pins are (or when it’s time to rethink your marketing campaign). If you have those things done, then it’s time to jump into the deep end: here are five tips for growing your Pinterest following and your business.

Maybe you’ve been going for a while with little success. Or perhaps you’re just starting to incorporate Pinterest into your social marketing campaign.

As with any other social network, there are some very clear “dos” and “don’ts” to follow when using the platform. Most of them can be easily picked up after spending some time with it, but that can also consume valuable resources; resources which you may or may not have. To help you get a head start, here are some of the best tips for using Pinterest to market and promote your business.

Consistent and On-Schedule Pinterest Posts

Every time I discuss social media, this is one of the first points I bring up, and that’s because it’s one of the most important. In order to garner an active audience, you will have to remain active yourself.

On Pinterest, don’t just pin twenty things in one day and then disappear for the rest of the week. Remain consistent and post on a regular schedule. If you have to, set up a timer that encourages you to pin something every hour or so. The more consistent you are with a particular account, the more likely your audience will pay a visit to your page or view your content.

Use Subliminal Pin Marketing

Think about it this way, how would you enjoy a TV program if it was just one big advertisement? Would you even watch TV, if it was just commercials all the time? To take that point even further, if it was just one channel showing commercials, you would probably never visit that channel, right?

No one wants to see a social media page that is exclusively comprised of marketing statements and advertisements. Pin engaging and interesting content too. Since Pinterest is all about pinning beautiful images, throw some related photos in with your own.

For example, if you are a company that sells animal products, you could pin pictures of cute animals in their natural habitats, or even encourage followers to send you pins of their pets.

It’s a good practice to group one product or ad photo with about four images of what I like to call “filler.” Let’s say your business specializes in interior design: pin about three or four images that show elegant design techniques and then throw up one that shows off a freelancing project your business completed. This encourages visitors to browse through the images, and even generates interest in the service you provide.

In other words, don’t continuously scream in a visitor’s face that they should buy a product. A subtle hint works much better in that respect.

Never Leave the Description Field Blank

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you have two hands for a reason. On that same note, Pinterest has a description field for a reason.

One of the biggest ways Pinterest users discover new content is through the network category lists and search bar. The results for these functions are generated thanks to information from – you guessed it – the description field. Use keywords, and short descriptive phrases to identify a pin.

Even if you repin someone else’s post that doesn’t include a description, enter your own.
If you use the description field properly, new users are more likely to stumble upon your content.

Sell Products And Services On Pinterest

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Sell your products and services on Pinterest. Pinterest users often follow the products they like off of Pinterest and onto the eCommerce site they link to. Use the best photographs you can get of the item, and make it easy for users to pin products off your site.

When you pin your own home based business products, be sure to include the price (with your currency symbol, such as a dollar sign, in front of it) in the description. Price-tagged pins often appear in the Gifts section.

Be a Social Pinterest Butterfly

Pinterest isn’t just about repinning images and liking them. You can also leave comments, “heart” pins you enjoy, and follow other accounts. Encourage interaction by being social as soon as you have an opportunity. If someone repins your image or product then go comment on their post. People love to be the center of attention, so allow them to be.

A great way to find other people who may be interested in your freelancing boards is to look at the related pins to your repins. Simply click to view one of your repins, and scroll down to see who else has pinned that image.

Remember These Tips, and You Should Do Great.

All of these tips are important, and that means they will play a crucial role in how successful you are on Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to try new things and break the mold, but you would do well to keep these points in mind.

Now get out there and start pinning!

Adrienne Erin is a freelance writer with several years’ experience writing for a variety of clients selling things as diverse as software and wild animal traps. She has written for Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs, and SiteProNews. To see more of her work, tweet with her at @adrienneerin.

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