Move Your Home Business Abroad

As your new start up business grows you may be faced with several dilemmas. From juggling new staffing resources to finding new clients to deciding to go global or keep within one country.

But as your business expands and pops you mayface the decision to move down the road, to the next county, move abroad or even overseas.

Yikes, that sounds like some tough decision making but we hear it from many of our home business partners. It is a situation that becomes reality when your new start up business from home is suddenly a successful home business.

And one that needs to move because its bursting at the seams. So what do you do now?

Moving your home business or indeed your start up business overseas is an exciting time. However, it comes with many hidden expenses. The cost of shipping goods internationally can be astronomical, but there are ways to bring the cost down.

When your new start up business from home is suddenly a successful home business and you have to move internationally

Jennie Reedy, who owns and operates several self storage units recommends using storage facilities and gives her top tips for moving your established, successful home business venture.

Here are a few tips to help you lower expenses if you are moving to another country. 

Condense And Donate To Charity

There is no sense in shipping items you are never going to use. While it may not be a big deal when you are moving domestically, you will pay for every last pound that is shipped internationally. Take the time to purge your closets, seasonal decorations and everything else.

If you cannot remember the last time you used it, needed it or wanted it, then you should let it go.

Consider Buying Heavy Items Again At Your New Location

Given the cost of shipping, it might be cheaper to buy new workout equipment when you arrive at your new home. This is particularly true if you don’t tend to use the equipment very often. Sell your treadmill or exercise bench through the classifieds.

Put the money aside to buy another set after you get settled in. Not only will you save money on shipping, but you will also be able to buy something that may suit your new place better than what you currently have. The same rule applies to pianos, organs, heavy furniture and pool tables.

Start Planning Menus Carefully

You cannot ship most food overseas, so it’s not worth trying to save what’s in the pantry. Start using your reserves. Give food you cannot eat to family and friends. You may wind up eating out a little more right before the move, but it will be easier than having to toss food because it won’t be eaten.

Careful With Electronics

One of the expenses you may not have planned for is the need to replace electronics if they are damaged when you plug them in at your new residence.

Avoid this expense by taking care with your electronics that may be temperamental. Unplug them 24 hours before they will be loaded, and wait a full 24 hours before plugging them at your new residence.

Save On Wrapping Paper

You can save money on tissue paper and cushions by using your linens to protect valuable items. You won’t have to pay for the weight on plain paper you’ll just throw away, and your valuables will be better protected.

You have a long list of items to take care of when you moving overseas. The expenses will rack up, but you can find ways to bring the cost down. Purge all items you don’t need, want or love to reduce your shipping weights. Consider replacing heavy items once you get at your new residence and take care with your electronics.


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