New Year Revitalisation

When it comes to the mechanics behind a thriving economy, highly praised acknowledgement must be given to the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner.  

The independent home business owner is the core reason why the gears of any economy continue to turn.  Taking the leap of faith in starting your own home-based franchise or business is indeed a commendable step to take in the pursuit of happiness.  

Although, this particular path in life is not for everyone.

Entering the home business arena is probably not ideal for anytone who easily caves in under pressure.  Being in the freelance driving seat may appear from the outside to be a fantastic role to fulfill and in truth it is.  

However, when taking into account the many responsibilities that come along with being the one individual with whom the buck truly stops; a moment of sound counsel is well advised.  

When it comes to the mechanics behind a thriving economy, highly praised acknowledgement must be given to the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner.

There is much risk involved in launching out on one’s own, says Will Hooks Relationship and Business Coach, but there is also the possibility of great gain.  

For most business owners the end of the year is normally a time to slow down a bit from the usual routine of doing business and enjoy the fruits of one’s labour with friends, family, and loved ones.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case for the independent business owner.  It is quite to the contrary, with the year drawing to a close many small businesses attempt to make a mad dash to the fiscal finish line hoping to somehow capitalize financially during theseason of giving.  

New Challenges

Each New Year carries with it a new set of challenges related to operating and expanding one’s business presence in the marketplace.  This is especially true for the small business owner, who must constantly weigh the pros and cons of the most minute decision; regardless to whether or not one's physical business location is one of brick and mortar or solely online.  

The fact is most start-ups and independent business owners have to be very creative and concise when considering when, where, and how their resources are used; in the hopes of maintaining a trajectory of growth with each New Year.  

De Stressing 

Stress is an inherit element associated with running a business; and the holiday season has a way of amplifying those stresses.  When it is all said and done, such pressures can leave one feeling somewhat deflated both mentally and physically as it relates to the outlook on the New Year.  Now that the festive celebration of the 2012 holiday season is behind us; we turn our attention forward with great enthusiasm.  

As home business owners we awake from our eggnog-induced slumber to quickly store away the lights, decorations, and ornaments and prepare to get back to business as we know it.  The only natural thing to do after having brought one year to a close is to regroup and turn our attention toward the unlimited potential and possibilities waiting in 2013.

Sometimes it is difficult to find your stride when retuning back to work after a lengthy break, or an adjusted operating schedule.  It is not an unusual experience to conclude the year asking 'where do I go from here?'  In reality many home business owners are forced to ponder the question of 'how do I breathe new life into my start-up business?'

So what exactly do you do when the fresh idea is there, and the desire is there, but the motivation and drive necessary to bring your vision to life is nowhere to be found?  If you find yourself in a situation where finding a simple source of inspiration seems to be a monumental task; here are a few suggestions to help revitalize your home-based business.   


Proper planning is a key component to alleviating home working related stress.  Planning is of vital importance to any operation seeking to remain viable and also relevant in any market that is overrun with competition.  

Planning out one's goals, be they short term, intermediate, or long term helps to measure accomplishment and builds morale and serves as a source of motivation as well. 


Stop doing the same thing over and over if you're not getting the right results; if it hasn’t worked by now it’s not going to.  Consider being more spontaneous throughout the workday, rather than watching the clock waiting for the next programmed event.  

Don’t do the same thing at the same time every day; this is a sure recipe for boredom and will rob you of inspiration.   


Having the same outlook everyday can result in a type of mental tunnel vision which may greatly limit creativity.  

Consider relocating or either rearranging your home office.  Make sure there is plenty of natural light flooding the space; this is a quick and simple way to inspire and jumpstart one's creativity.  

It is also a good idea to connect with other home business owners and exchange ideas.  You may discover new techniques to utilise in your own business and avenues to explore; as well as other programs and resources that may benefit your operation.


Burnout can happen to anyone, and especially to the individual who doesn’t take time out from his or her home business to regroup.  

To be the best you can be, you must make time for yourself to be fit and healthy.  

Consider setting aside a day, Sunday for example, in which there are no calls, text, emails, no social media, and no electronic interaction whatsoever.  A day totally committed to you spending time with you and family.  If leaving your start-up business alone completely is asking too much initially, then maybe try starting with a specific block of time perhaps 8am to 8pm.

Update Your Business Plan   

A review of your home business plan is an essential task necessary in keeping the operation on the desired course.  An entrepreneur who is running a home business based on an outdated business model is wasting energy, time, and money.  

Revisiting your start-up business plan can also help to ignite a spark of inspiration causing one to reflect upon the reason for going into home working in the first place.  This is paramount in helping stir a sense of renewal, dedication, and commitment to seeing one’s dream become a reality.

Will Hooks is a Relationship and Business Coach as well as an Author.

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