Olive Grove farm in Pescara, Italy

Every home business owner needs a break every now and then to rest the brain’s cogwheels and energise the body. I can’t think of a better place to do this than Olive Grove Farm.

This unassuming Italian Villa is a gem in the Abruzzo countryside. If you’re after a week or two of well-needed rest and well-deserved R&R away from your home business, you’ll be well advised to book early.

Conveniently situated only 30 minutes from Pescara Airport, Olive Grove Farm is large enough for families, possibly even two if you want to share with friends or relatives, but it is just ideal for business couples who want and need peace and tranquillity.

Olive Grove Farm Villa for rent in Pescara, Italy

The Villa is close to the nearby town of Serramonacesca and about 15 minutes from Chieti where you’ll stop on the way from landing at the airport so you can pick up your groceries. What we loved most about Olive Grove Farm is its seclusion and privacy.

This is the secret that will enable any start-up to totally unwind and start feeling so relaxed that something strange starts to happen. You get so chilled out while lying by the large pool on the various types of deckchairs at your disposal, then the Italian weather warms you, the blue skies feed you motivation and the sun injects inspiration into you.


That strange thing. You’re on holiday away from your business but Olive Grove Farm secretly gives you back all the passion and energy to continue on your home business quest and to sell your products or services more vigorously.

The accommodation has three double bedrooms, two of which are double, two bathrooms, two dining and lounging areas and a large kitchen with a lovely old pine farmhouse table for many nights of eating and drinking and socialising.

Although to be honest, it’s hard to choose the kitchen table because there are also two outside terraces. In particular the one upstairs which has partial shade cover and a huge area to sit in the sun is very enticing if you’re into the outdoor lifestyle.

Ken and I preferred to Barbie here most nights with the odd night in tow at a local restaurant. If you do want to eat out be sure to check siesta timings as they are all so different on a daily basis and you may turn up to eat only to find the bar or Pizzeria closed until later in the evening – as we found out.

If you go the BBQ route, you can enjoy relaxed eating and drinking and not worry about driving home, be sure to pack anti-mozzie essentials because they will go for your sweet English flesh. To arm yourself, we advise that you stock up on antihistamine tabs, anthisan cream, Vitamin B (which repels nasty insects) and citronella candles or those air-rator thingeys that also do the same trick.

Olive Grove Farm is plugged throughout with UK three prong plugs so no need to bring adapters so your glade air-rator at home can be refilled with a citronella smell to ward off the kamikaze mozzies.

Towels and bedding is supplied so you only need to bring pool towels but to be honest the pool tiles are so smooth and when warmed by the sun they dry you off pretty quickly if you just lie on them.

The pool is lengthy enough to up keep your exercise routine so you can swim off the big steaks you grilled the night before.

Olive Grove Farm Villa with large family swimming pool for rent in Pescara, Italy

All around you is acres of olive trees and dotted amongst the olive groves is pear trees, apple trees, fig trees and nut trees. Owners Kevin and Katherine encourage you to pick and enjoy their fruit and munch on the grapes hanging over the downstairs pergola.

Ken and I spent such a tranquil time at Olive Grove Farm and even shared our honeymoon with someone special. You may or may not want to do that!

But you will want to experience this Italian Villa, especially if you’re after total rest and relaxation. There’s much to do in the surrounding area. We had planned on some of these fun things to do, but after a day or so of soaking up that special ambiance of tranquillity we quite simply wanted to soak up all the Olive Grove Farm had to offer.
Your choice!

Book Olive Grove Farm ASAP to get your own piece of peace of quiet in the lovely mountainous countryside.

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