Paula Wynne's Five Year Wild Ride

When preparing to write a Valentine's article, which was intended to be about couples working together from home.

But is quickly turned into a Home Business Couples feature with a wide variety of expert tips for couples working from home and running a business together, Paula Wynne (editor and Co-Founder of iHubbub) decided to fess up and tell her own amazing story!

Here goes ...

Overweight and in a staid marriage Paula felt that she had ‘mislaid’ her natural confidence and bubbly personality.

The few ‘strange’ experiences convinced her that ‘Granny Darling’ (who had passed away) was encouraging her to lose weight and follow her lifelong dream.

For many years, while raising her son, Kent – now almost 24, Paula had ‘escaped’ her unhappy marriage by delving into a world of colourful fictional characters and she knew that the time had better come to do something about getting her novels published and her screenplays produced.


Taking Life By The Thorns

Losing 3 stone and dropping several dress sizes, svelte Paula had the courage and motivation to go to Cannes Film Festival in May 2006. Afterwards, feeling like a new woman and looking 10 years younger, Paula made a decision that had long nagged at her. Overwhelmed with guilt for starting divorce proceeding in Kent’s GCSE year, she did everything to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible.

Excited about moving into their new home, yet another tough decision wracked the newly single mum. For many years, she had freelanced in order to do the school run and after-school activities and was forced back to working full time in order to support her college son.

Soon after Screen South sponsored Paula to attend a Film Director’s course, Paula was re-acquainted with a marketing colleague, Ken Sheridan. Quickly inseparable, the couple decided to move in with each other after their first year together.

Little did they know that one year after meeting each other and three days after moving in together their lives would change!

When preparing to write a Valentine's article which turned into a Home Business Couples featurewith a wide variety of expert tips for couples working from home and running a business together, Paula Wynne (editor and Co-Founder of iHubbub) decided to fess up and tell her own amazing story!

Paula and Kent moved in with Ken in January 2008 only a few days prior to a minor shoulder operation.

Although Paula was due to be off work (from her very active job of PR and Marketing Manager for a small boutique hotel group) for a couple of weeks, she never set foot back into her office again.

Three days after moving in with her Irishman, Paula had an operation that went horribly wrong!


Three Days In And Totally Useless

The minor keyhole surgery didn’t go to plan and Paula was left with a dislocated collar bone, which had to be reconstructed with metal plates. It didn't happen this quick. It's such a long story, we are trying to keep it short. It was a case of being in and out of hospital and sitting around emergency rooms and being shoved in and out of X-rays. The reconstruction of her shoulder took place a month later and all the while Paula lived with a collarbone sticking up out of her shoulder at a horrendous angle while still in the sling from the minor surgery.

This is all true, promise!

Must move on, Paula is getting tearful just recounting all of this again.

The traumatic process of stabilizing her shoulder was long and painful with endless sleepless nights - while still being accustomed to a new live-in relationship. As a result of being home-bound in a sling and unable to drive with many months of painful surgery ahead, Paula was made redundant from her job.

Having a positive mental attitude helps so much in life. And Ken and Paula seeing their future the same way, both decided to dust down and pick up the threads with new life changes.
Paula and Ken set up a new business dedicated to finding home working jobs. But it was NOT all easy going. No way.


Sleeping Is A Heaven Sent Gift

Refusing concoctions of heavy medication, including morphine based drugs; Paula struggled through the nightmare of lethargy, depression and emotional mood swings caused by lack of energy due to no sleep.

She has many stories to tell on sleep deprivation and has been interviewed many times on TV, radio and in the media about her experiences with sleeping pills.

The long months in a sling to stabilize her shoulder led to weight gain and another complication: when the time came to start physiotherapy, Paula was snared by frozen shoulder. Living through incredible pain and two further shoulder operations to release the frozen capsular tissue, Paula felt as if the trauma would never end.


Saint Sheridan

Through all of this, from the day he brought Paula home from hospital, Ken became a saint. Well, Paula says so, anyway, even though he denies it. And the reason was because in her incapacitated state Ken had to do everything for Paula.

From cooking meals and home tasks, which they shared before, to taking her son to college, making an endless supply of warm drinks to balance the mood swings, doctor trips, being a rock of a shoulder to cry on, and even right down to errr ... bathing her! Remember she was one-handed. See why Paula calls him a saint!

PS: Paula is hoping Ken won't spot this article. Keep it quiet, please.

When her father passed away in September 2008, she forced herself out of the pit of despair to support her mother. Strangely enough, this family sadness booted Paula back to reality and with it came her boisterous determination to follow her dreams and accomplish her goals before her ‘half century’ milestone (which is this year – 2013).


Needle-less To Say

Trying everything and anything new to get back on track and despite her fear of needles, Paula discovered acupuncture - despite her life-long fear of needles! This was the turning point in her rehabilitation and Paula was finally able to start physiotherapy to get her arm moving.

For all this time she couldn’t even hold of cup of tea in her right hand let alone bring it up to her mouth to drink! Frozen shoulder is a debilitating condition and was only brought on by her right arm’s great length of inactivity being stuck in a sling.

At first Acupuncture relieved the pain, which enabled slight movement and in turn increased the flow of blood and energy back into a lame arm. Intensive physiotherapy and further alternative treatments in 2009 had Paula firmly on the mend.


From Sling Swinger To Bestselling Author

Paula’s inspiring tale, her warm enthusiasm and her ‘breath of fresh air’ soon received invitations to speak at events. After being invited by BT to speak at the everywoman conference in November 2009, Paula left buzzing with ideas and while on the train home she scribbled away at the seeds for her first book, Create A Successful Website.

The book hit the bestselling lists on Amazon overnight after it launched, which led to Paula’s second book, Pimp My Site, being whisked up by Global Publishing Giant, Wiley.

Paula’s energy seems endless because while writing her second book, her and Ken came up with the concept of iHubbub’s home business community. Their relationship had got stronger and closer during their ordeal and they wanted to bring a unique concept of helping home business owners to get their business out there.


Their Vision

Ken and Paula are extremely passionate about iHubbub and the eclectic collection of home business entrepreneurs in their community. While some may say they could be the wisely parents gathering together their flock, this home business couple believe they are in the very same shoes as their members.

Find out about why it is important to share the same vision and see the future the same way.

Paula says: All of us who run a home business face similar challenges and celebrate similar successes.

What’s in store for St Ken and his lady-love Paula? They have big plans to turn their community into the place where all home working couples want to hang out. Not because Ken and Paula aim to boost their members’ businesses with growth-initiatives but mostly because they want to be a part of this warm, fun and friendly community.

Paula finishes with …

It makes our world a very exciting place to be!

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