Selecting International Domain Names

Browsing around iHubbub's How To you will find several articles on how to start up a new business. In particular ... starting an online business with your own website. So you'll need to
choose a domain name.

Paula Wynne, author of Create A Successful Website explains the difference between all the confusing domains out there.

Firstly a .com gives your site international appeal, whereas a shows that you are a UK based company. will tell your visitors that your services and products are mainly for the South African market. The same goes for any other country fixture.

There is nothing stopping you choosing any country fixture, it is completely your decision based on your long term goals and aspirations for your new site.

How to select a domain name for your new start up business or freelance consultancy

Here are some of the domain names that you will come across when researching names. Along with .com and .net, .org is one of the original global domain names.



  •     .COM: the most famous and popular global domain name. It was originally created for commercial websites, but has developed into the preferred first choice for any type of website
  •     .GOV.UK: mainly for the UK government sector
  •     .AC.UK: used for educational purposes like universities, colleges and schools
  •     .ORG: for non profit organisations and charities
  •     .BIZ: mostly for business use
  •     .INFO: originally created for global information websites
  •     .NET: was originally created for use by technical websites. It is often used when a .com is unavailable, or to protect brands that already have the .com.

Country Domains

  •     .CO.UK: for UK sites, they often register both .com and
  •     .EU: is used within the European Union
  •     .IM: is for the Isle of Man!
  •     .BE: is the extension for Belgium
  •     .DE: is the country code for Germany
  •     .MX: is the country code for Mexico
  •     .CO.AU: is the country code for Australia
  •     .CO.NZ: is the country code for New Zealand
  •     .PL: is the country code for Poland
  •     .IN: is the country code for India
  •     .CO.ZA: is the country code for South Africa

And the list goes on...


Mobi is one of the newest top level domain names. It is aimed specifically at companies, organisations and individuals wanting to create websites and services for mobile devices.

An individual, organisation or company must ensure that any site using a .mobi domain name:

  •     Is built using compliant mobile code
  •     Responds to requests from mobile devices at its primary URL
  •     Does not use frames


This code was created with individuals in mind, is great for those who want to create a more personal domain name, but please note that domains can only be registered by individuals.

FOR EXAMPLE: students who aim to get a top job can set up a .me site and list all of their achievements.


The .eu domain name is one of the most popular domains for companies, organisations and individuals within the European Union. An individual, organisation or company must comply with the following:

  •     Have its registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the Community
  •     Be an organisation established within the Community without prejudice to the application of national law
  •     Be a natural person resident within the Community
  •     Exclude domains on the blocked or reserved list

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Award-winning entrepreneur of social networking site, iHubbub, and author of ‘Create A Successful Website’ and Pimp My Site, Paula Wynne is co-founder of iHubbub, a home business social community.

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