Should We Fire Our Security Manager

Ken and I recently hired a new member of the iHubbub team - our very own cyber security manager.

Admittedly, we were inspired to take him on after I spent my honeymoon with another lady - simply because he has the same lovely freckles. That really is no way to hire someone, I know, but he has lots of other credentials going for him.

But over the past month we've had more reasons to fire the chap than keep him on as he is never doing his job.

should we fire dexter sheridan

Firstly, instead of sitting guard at iHubbub's front door during the day and patrolling the back gates at night, he was caught napping on the job. Scandalous!

Dexter sleeping on the job

The very next day he was caught fraternising with the other staff. Many of them didn't mind, but Teddie wasn't having any of it and she laid a complaint with the board of directors for being harrased at work. Her evidence is clear as daylight.

Is this a fireable offence?

Dexter and Teddie

When it was his turn to make the next home business meal for the iHubbub team, he shirked out of his duties and decided to eat the Bisto Cheese Sauce all to himself.

What ever happened to making the macaroni first, Dexter?

Next he was stopping our team from hydrating themselves. After a long day in their home office, everyone has to have a drink, but the minx scampered off with the Evian water bottles.

It was at this point that we should have suspected something was up. We caught him getting friendly with the Guinness.

Okay, okay, so it was just a rugby ball, but hey - who has time to play rugby when you're running a home based business?

should we fire dexter sheridan

At least he wasn't drinking on the job ...

Well, that's what we thought - until we caught him red-handed with a can of Fosters!


So now you can see why we the office is in upheaval. Do we fire our new security manager? Are these terrible enough on-the-job offences to prevent us getting a law suit on our hands?

Please do share your advice in the comments below ...

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