Three Vital Ingredients To Starting Up A Home Based Business

I didn’t have to scratch my head or even stop to think about an answer when I was recently asked if there were a couple of secrets to starting up a home based business.

While I've recently had my head in the clouds when our home business community network won the best social website award, I was been giving away some business secrets and even hinting at being a stalker.

After that, do you even want to continue reading about my vital ingredients to starting up that home business idea you’ve been dreaming about?

You decide … but if you want to go on reading, here are my three meaty tit-bits to add to your home business bone.

home business secrets

Home Based Business Inspiration

Don’t be fazed by the fact that you’re still small. Talk about your rate of growth, give people examples of your competitive edge and your competitive value. This often results in great conversations with potential partners, clients or advertisers.

I believe that passion and energy equals success.

Use your energy and eagerness to inspire others; it will bring a huge return on your start up business investment as well as personal gratification.

After the Remote Worker Awards winning ceremony Ken and I were inundated with finalists telling them how thrilled they were to be included in the Awards, even if they had not won. It set some people off on a mission to enter more home business awards, which they have gone on to win.

It was delightful to see their determination to be successful and all because something they did spurred them on.

When I talk as a public speaker at events and conferences, I love it when people come up afterwards and tell me how much they are inspired by my experience of starting up a business with no budget and having to learn so much myself.

Different things inspire different people.

Some feel a sense of camaraderie because, in me and Ken’s small business, we have been in the same shoes and been challenged by the same situations. Sharing what these are and how they have overcome them may encourage someone to rush out and tackle their own struggle head on.

Others may be moved by my determination to plough through the nightmare of pain and lack of sleep during her shoulder ordeal (long story!).

Turning a negative into a positive brings people together in unusual ways.

Draw on your skills and expertise to inspire people you deal with you on a daily basis, even if it is only helping and guiding them in whatever sector you specialise. Use every opportunity to bestow confidence, motivate and stir people around you - it’s a huge buzz!


Be Inspired With Your Home Business Idea

At the same time that you are inspiring others, be inspired by other websites and their trends, by people you meet and work with and by new innovations on the market. Keep thinking laterally and even insist on a monthly brainstorm with your management team, even if it is only two of you!

And if you’re on your own, brainstorm with yourself! Why not? It will keep your inspirational juices flowing and this fluid is often the lifeblood of a new start up business.

Listen to people talking and ask questions about anything that sparks your attention. There are so many ways to earn revenue from a website so keep your options open, try different systems and maintain the solutions that work best for you. Go with the flow and remember that every website evolves over time.

Home Business Honey Bees

My favourite secret ingredient to starting up a new home based business is this: Attract an audience like bees to honey.

A business that is fresh and exciting attracts not only customers, client and thus orders, but also the media. They’ll buzz around, all trying to get a taste of your nectar.

Give it freely because the more nectar you share, the more they’ll come back for more. By this I mean, communicate your experiences, your generosity, your personality and talents. Build a simple media pack illustrating the important stats that would attract advertisers. Your Google Analytics will be a big help here.

Having an exceptional service or stunning product range will add to the excitement of knowing you and being around you. As your magnetic force grows in statue, so does your business and your bottom line.

The more you work at your online website business (or whatever you’re doing to start up a new business idea) to make it a success, the more excited and empowered you will become.

Allow your mind to float and drift freely at the end of each day. Think about what you have achieved so far and what you will achieve next. Day dream or sky dream by searching the endless blue (if you have good weather otherwise just pretend) to visualise the goals with clear visions and an intensity that makes you believe you will achieve them.

I am now setting habits with her favourite business start-up secret that my mentor, Karen Darby revealed: visualise your dream every day and constantly have an image in your mind of where you are going and how successful you will become.

This will enrich your nectar and fuel your passion, which in turn will energise you and your new start up business, turning it into a magnet and a beehive of success.

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