Video Marketing A Start Up Business

You've been sitting in your home office for months perfecting your product, but what's the easiest way to make sure your customers know what it is, and how to use it?


Video marketing your new start up business does not have to give you a fright like this poor chap. You don't even have to be in front of the camera, you can hide away in the background and show off all your lovely home business products to the camera and the world at large.


How do you stop the jitters and give your fab new start up business a big marketing boost?  No worries ... Matt Pierce from TechSmith gives us the lowdown on the benefits of video marketing.


Video marketing your home business product does not have to give you a fright


Know Your Audience

An important part of the design process for any new product or service is ensuring it is easy-to-use, whether it’s designed for the everyday consumer, office worker, or skilled worker. For example, a 3D design software programme will never be so simple that anyone with a computer will get to grips with it, but it should be intuitive enough for the designer it’s aimed at to pick up.

Similarly, if a consumer downloads a new app to their smartphone they’re far more likely to still be using it in a week if they can get the hang of it in a few minutes. Is it likely millions of people would have become enamoured with aiming irritated feathered missiles at sickly pigs if it wasn’t easy to grasp the initial concept?   

Even with the best of intentions, it isn’t always possible to have an ‘out of the box’ product. Developers have to make the call between having a finalised product that is easy for their intended audience, but not so easy that it becomes overly simplified and less useful. For a business start-up reliant on selling a product, the need to clearly demonstrate and educate potential customers on the product or service is fundamental.

This demonstration is important for both marketing the product to potential users and for the post-sales period. Selling a product is fine, but if the user can’t get to grips with it quickly, the marketing team are unlikely to see any repeat business – or a satisfied customer. 

Developing video and visual content that showcases the leading features of a product, in short and easy to digest sections, is a useful sales and marketing tool for all home-based business owners.

Visual Demonstrations

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ may sounds like a cliché to some, but in the case of video marketing the concept is true. A still image of a software or application in use can replace a lengthy text description, and a video takes this concept to the next level as a marketing tool.  

For example, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has several new features that are brand new to market. While the new features are easy-to-use, they are so highly integrated within the phone that it would be easy for consumers to miss them. Samsung has worked hard to ensure the new features come for the consumer, and the majority of the content in the feature tours on the company website are image-based with accompanying text. 

The same can be applied to home businesses marketing a product or service. By creating a video demonstration of a product in use or a sales pitch and putting it on the company’s website or channel on YouTube, potential customers can easily recognise the product’s features and user benefits.

Video demonstrations and presentations can emulate face-to-face sessions, saving you from outlaying time and financial resources into a meeting that may not guarantee a return on your investment. 

For example, if your business start-up consists of just you, you don't have the capacity to fly around the UK demonstrating your new product to every sales lead you have. By creating an online portal or designated space on your website, you can create and embed video demonstrations available to existing and potential customers.  

These videos can provide a full, comprehensive explanation of the service and are accessible at a time that suits the customer’s schedule. They’re also easy to share, so potential customers can review the product online and, for example, send to their procurement officer or key decision maker, to create a strong business case for investing in the technology.

Cutting Costs Not Quality 

I'm guessing that your home business can't quite compete with Samsung when it comes to marketing budgets?! That doesn't necessarily have to be a problem; small business start-ups don't have to use an external company for digital content creation, and can instead easily create content in-house using a process called screencasting. 

Screencasting is the process of recording all on-screen activity, from mouse clicks to applications in use, to create a ’screencast’ video. Screencast recordings are usually accompanied by a voice commentary from a presenter, or a web cam video walking the viewer through on-screen activity. 

A screencast can guide a potential customer through a new product, highlighting features that might be difficult to describe using text. They can be as short, around five minutes in length, and focus on a specific feature or process that the technology or software does. A well produced screencast can be as effective as demonstrating a product to someone sat next to you.

The one proviso is ensuring that your viewer can easily follow up any questions they have with you afterward watching the screencast, as the interactive nature of a face-to-face meeting is naturally removed with the pre-recorded video.

Check out iHubbub's Videos on YouTube ... not that we're ace at it or anything, but just to give you an idea of what you can achieve with Camtasia Studio. We absolutely love this excellent piece of video marketing kit!


Video and screencasting can be a highly effective marketing tool for home businesses looking to demonstrate their products to new customers, as well as take care of their existing client base. It also removes several historic barriers to marketing software and applications, making is possible to demonstrate a product without a face-to-face interaction.

With strong visual marketing and the provision of after-sales guides, tutorials and walkthroughs, you can make sure your home business has a competitive edge in its market. 

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