Writing Product Descriptions For Your Online Shop

Now that you want to make money selling items on eBay or Amazon and have started selling your home business products or freelance services in various online shops, you need to be sure you are writing sizzling hot descriptions to bring optimised viewers to see your items and buy them.

Your product title contained such great keywords that buyers have been flocking to your listing. Once they are there however, is your product description detailed enough to ensure they know exactly what they will be buying?

The more information you provide, the more likely it is that they will pick your item over somebody else's with less. And if you're trying to start up a home business then obviously the more sales you make, the better!

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how to write product descriptions for your items for sale in your online shop

A Full Picture Of Your Online Items

Firstly you need to fully describe what it is that you are selling. Write down everything you know about it; if it’s something electrical then that should include the model number and the date of manufacture.

If it’s an item of clothing then you need to put the size, the exact colour (photographs don’t always give an accurate account of this), the type of fabric, and other important details such as zip and pocket placements etc. 

Always include dimensions as well – for example, photographs don’t always make the sizing of an item clear, and somebody who is looking for a small art print of a Cornish beach may be less than amused if a picture the size of a billboard turns up in the post instead. 

You are perfectly entitled to be a little more emotive in your language here – if there is something brilliant about the item you are selling, make sure the buyer knows about it! If the product has a fascinating back story then include a brief description – the more interesting your product is, the more likely somebody will want it.

I say brief, and I mean it; a quick description of how you bought the handmade necklace from a souk in Tunisia is interesting to a potential buyer – learning in-depth details about the rest of your holiday is not. 

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But An Online Shop

The most important rule here is obviously HONESTY. Everything you write should be completely accurate, and if your product has any flaws then you need to include them in your description to.

If somebody knows that the home office desk that you are advertising has an indelible coffee stain on the top of it before they bid on it then that’s fine; if you ‘forget’ to mention it and they only find out when it arrives on their front door step then you are going to have a pretty cross customer, some less than complimentary feedback and a whole lot of hassle from the site admin to deal with. 

The Practicalities Of A Online Shop

Lastly you need to include the practical details for your sale. Ensure your payment and shipping information is clear and understandable, and if you have a returns policy you can put that in here as well. 

Step back from your listing before you post it, and view it dispassionately. Does it include every detail you would want to know if you were looking for this item? You want to connect to your buyer, so try and write your online sale items description in a welcoming and friendly way, and make it obvious that you are happy to answer any questions they may have about it.

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