Designer, Illustrator, Artist and Owner Moon Song Desig

Freelancer, United States.

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Category: Design

About Maggie

• Visualizer, easily takes client’s abstract ideas to a finished product, on target and on time
• Branding, corporate identity redesign
• Communicates effectively with client to accomplish objectives
• Manages multiple concurrent projects
• Experienced in bid work, proper file preparation, press approvals.
• Knowledgeable of and highly respected in the print community
• Empowers and teaches others as a proven team leader
• Macintosh OS 10.10.1 proficient
• Adobe CC 2014 proficient, Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Dreamweaver
• Web design

• Work with clients to create corporate brand, design business logo, stationery, business cards, brochures, ads, rack/post cards, thank you notes, newsletters, order forms, and develop web site elements. Prepare images for print and web applications. Restore damaged photographs.
• Manipulating/correcting photography saves hundreds of dollars as an alternative to new photography costs. Printing knowledge saves clients money.

Select Achievement:
• “Excellence in Design and Presentation”
Created GO! Best Express Contract Proposal to obtain the Lambert Airport shuttle services contract. The result was an easy-to-follow design that was singled out by the review board for “Excellence in Design and Presentation” and was instrumental in securing a $2 million contract.

Moon Song Design, LLC client list includes:
• St. Louis County Cab/Yellow Cab - Client for 18 Years
• Best Transportation of St. Louis - Client for 17 Years
• GO! Best Express Airport Shuttle Service - Client for 6 Years
• Bach Society of St. Louis - Client for 16 Years
• St. Louis Treasury Management Association - Client for 17 Years
• Enopi School of Math - Client for 4 Years
• Craftsmen Industries - Client for 1 Year
• AAIM Employers' Association - Client for 2 Year

Names of Grace:

Names of Grace are beautifully detailed hand-drawn letters spelling your name or the name of a loved one. Maggie will personally discuss the project with you to compile meaningful life events, favorite colors and interests, alma mater and symbolic art making the finished work truly personal, dynamic and unique.
Maggie’s illustrations are for joyful occasions, birthdays and special anniversaries as well as for those who are sick and struggling. Her prayerful and spiritual process is absorbing with the intentions of healing, strength, health, joy and embedded in every brush stroke. Her exquisite one-of-a-kind artistry is inspiring and intensely personal - a treasure to behold.
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  • A Name of Grace for PAM who has health issues.
  • A Name of Grace for PAM who has health issues.
  • A Name of Grace for PAM who has health issues.