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Mandeville School of Music & Dance get dreams to realization an expert, helpful, and genuinely fun climate. Our profoundly qualified teachers are altogether energetic, engaging, positive, elevating, and ready to spur. Numerous understudies come to us to obviously to acquire or expand their specialized proficiencies with the goal of one day turning into a music or dance entertainer, teacher, or related proficient.

Numerous others come to us - indeed, to learn obviously, yet in addition to foster an expanded trust in themselves, to restore and animate the inventive side of the brain, to ease the stressors of everday life, to have a good time sticking on most loved record-breaking hits, to seek after another premium/diversion, to get fit as a fiddle, or potentially to meet other similar people inside an exceptional and flourishing creative local area. Throughout the long term, there have been various investigations in regards to the neurological and medical advantages of schooling in expressions of the human experience including one by Dr. Forthright R. Wilson, an unmistakable San Francisco nervous system specialist.

At LAAPA, we unequivocally have faith in our main goal to share the delight of music and hit the dance floor with our neighborhood local area. Around there, we have executed a Community Class arrangement which are totally free classes that meet in a social environment consistently. Each planned class endeavors to assist understudies with finding their ability. Look at our forthcoming occasions underneath. Local area classes are held both face to face and on the web. Covers are needed for all in-person classes.

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Mandeville School of Music & Dance
Address : 105 Campbell Ave #3 Mandeville, LA 70471
Phone : (985) 674-2992
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