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About Diane

Quit wasting your time! A virtual assistant can help grow your business. How?

You need a team of people helping you create your online visibility! There's not enough hours in the day to write, shoot video, post to FB, create newsletters, monitor your brand, run reports, do graphics AND create products, network, plan launches, nurture sequences and everything else that has to be done online. Give the difficult work to a virtual assistant and let them do what they do best. There's all types of virtual assistants. You don't do your own plumbing do you?

Our team focuses on doing the virtual assistant work related to marketing. We can help make edits to your website, promote your blog articles, get backlinks to your site, increase traffic, help you create infoproducts, create graphics, pretty up ebooks, create websites, set up nurture sequences, create opt ins for traffic, send newsletters, audio/video work and so much more.

Bottom line is this. If you're willing to admit that you cannot do it all- then you've taken the biggest step in growing to the next level.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional contractor who provides services — whether administrative, creative or technical — to entrepreneurs anywhere in the world from an off-site location. Our team specializes in anything online marketing related. We actually do not do administrative stuff.

------------>However, here's the biggest piece of information I can give you. There's a difference between a SINGLE virtual assistant and a VA TEAM! You MUST know this information. It can save you a world of time and money when getting into your first virtual assistant relationship. I explain more on our website,<------------------

Specialties: Implementation of internet marketing strategies.