Are we becoming a Desk Potato Nation?

Are we becoming a Desk Potato Nation?

Experts agree that taking breaks outdoors and preferably in the sun is the best way to keep productive. Many research studies, including the well-known Whitehall 2 study, have demonstrated the benefits for the 8 million self-employed freelancers or home business owners taking effective breaks and iHubbub is urging them not to become desk-potatoes.

There is something strange about this breed of entrepreneurs who struggle to switch off from digital working life. They often cannot resist the lure to check one quick email or look at one last online link and the day melts away.

Author and Co Founder of home business network, iHubbub ( Paula Wynne advocates that we don’t need to turn off the computer to tune out of the small start-up business buzz. All we need to do is step outside for a few minutes.

As a self-confessed laptop-addict who is constantly hustled out of her spare room office and into the sun for more breaks by Co Founder of iHubbub, Ken Sheridan, Paula admits that she is learning to practice what she preaches.

She said: “Many a time I have sat on our patio and looked right through our Honey Bamboo’s leaves and not even seen them and instead in my mind’s eye I see images of development that is taking place behind the iHubbub scenes.”

Many city or home business desk-jockeys such as John Warburton from JWCPR and thousands of others admit they spend far too much time glued to their home office screen.

Paula wonders if we are becoming a desk-potato nation. So with the last of the Indian summer sun she urges all Brit Home Businesses to create an outdoor area that gives them pleasure to unwind all year round.

Paula added: “It’s tough to get away for a long holiday if you’ve just started a new business. Long weekends work wonders for us. We end up totally relaxed, away from the laptop-trap, disconnected from the permanent mobile connection and with more bandwidth to our names because there is no broadband to be had.”

While working for oneself can often be classed as stressful because of the need to be sure there is food on the table or a roof over the family’s head, it is also the preferred lifestyle of millions the world over.

With all this in mind, Paula has now set up a photo gallery for everyone to share their images of their ‘special’ break out place

Do you have lovely peaceful and calm spot under the trees? Or do you fancy sipping tea in a suntrap? Maybe you prefer rummaging behind the shed with music blaring when you take a break. Whatever tickles your coffee break fancy, Paula is inviting you to share it on iHubbub.
Who knows you may be like Isaac Newton, who grasped his theory of gravity when an apple fell from the tree, and you may get your next light bulb moment under your favourite tree!

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