iHubbub Nominated in Forbes 100 Best Websites For Women

iHubbub Nominated in Forbes 100 Best Websites For Women

iHubbub, a social community to help home based business entrepreneurs promote their businesses and grow stronger, from their own home has been nominated in the fourth annual
Forbes 100 Best Websites For Women.

The leading American business magazine (www.forbes.com), is among the most trusted resources for the world's business with topics on marketing and business growth.

They recently asked readers to assemble a comprehensive list of websites by, of, and for smart, ambitious women. Their goal was to point out sites and blogs that are the brightest corners of the Web and the best digital destinations for women.

Readers were asked to tell Forbes where they find information and inspiration, hard facts and good fun, who are the best chroniclers of women who code and the start-up scene and aspiring visionaries who are just starting out or known as social entrepreneurs.

iHubbub’s home business community pushes the conversation forward for women, making them smile in their quirky home business blogs or informing and advising women start-ups in their home business magazine.

Their home business members quickly joined in to tell Forbes why iHubbub should be any new start up or freelance radar and why this home business community network deserved to make the 2013 list of The 100 Best Websites For Women.

Helena Johnson nominated iHubbub because “they support women in business, particularly home workers and offer many useful resources, articles on many aspects of business and the internet and is a place to showcase your home business and all for free. It is also a place to hunt for home working jobs as they have a job section.

Joanne Hobson said: “I am nominating www.ihubbub.com because the iHubbub team works hard to provide businesses with lots of valuable FREE content and resources, and the ability to promote your business at no cost and they showcase Women with home businesses!”

Gail Bennett also jumped on board to say: “My vote goes to http://ihubbub.com. As a self-employed woman working from home I have found this site invaluable for advise and a great place for networking.”

Julia Simens nominated iHubbub because she said she spends part of her time on Borneo and the other half in Honduras, Canada and the USA. She told Forbes that it has been wonderful to have iHubbub understand what it is like to be a global nomad and still run a business. She said: “They seem to have a ‘soft spot’ for helping women and it shows in the articles and how they showcase the wonderful work women are doing in their home businesses.” She went on to report that iHubbub doesn’t “let me sit passively and miss out on opportunities, instead they alert me to things they know I should be doing to grow my business.” Julia finished her nomination by saying iHubbub are a great group of people to work with.

Freelancer, Lianne Murphy said: Inspirational, useful and supportive. A fantastic network and hub of information for home based businesses and freelancers. And for their interesting and relevant content and in particular their white paper downloads which provide advice and support for small businesses on key topics such as SEO, digital marketing and social media.
ihubbub also provide virtual space for businesses to network and discuss topics within dedicated discussion forums. All-in-all ihubbub create a ‘hub’ of reliable and valuable information for businesses to call upon and are have a real passion for supporting small and home businesses.

Natasha Mawella said: “I’ve found the website very useful to find women in a specific region, to offer business services at times convenient to them. Having it all online with indication where the ladies were, was of use. A very helpful resource for us indeed!

For more information take a look at http://ihubbub.com

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Editor’s Notes
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