Networkers Trailblazing In Their Slippers

Networkers Trailblazing In Their Slippers

United Kingdom

Tonight, a bunch of entrepreneurial pioneers, who have used their talents and passions to come up with fascinating business ventures, were trailblazers in what iHubbub’s eclectic home business community believes to be the first online networking of its kind, where networking took place right from their spare room home office, their shed or wherever it is that they work from home.

As a home business themselves, the Co-Founders of iHubbub, Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne, wanted to prove that online networking can be done from anywhere at any time.

While offline networking and the traditional  breakfast, lunch and early evening sessions, in a public location of some sort, has long been a popular method for start-ups, home and small businesses to generate new client leads, now iHubbub is claiming a new way to network from the comfort of your own home office.

They believe they may even be the first to offer an online networking facility. Ken Sheridan said: “We want to build our speed networking sessions so that as many members as possible get the chance to attend and pitch the products and services they provide.”

The idea is that each attendee had 1 minute to pitch their business and while they do this their member profile is shown on screen for all to see. This way other speed networking attendees can make contact with each other after the event.

iHubbub’s innovative new approach to networking and in particular, speed networking, will allow people from across the globe to get to know each other and a chance to get involved with other businesses.

Even though Laurel Robbins, who lives in Munich, in Germany was 1272 kilometers away from iHubbub, she still attended and said: “Congratulations on a first successful iHubbub Online Speed Networking. I think it's a great opportunity for business owners to network, and make contacts that they wouldn't otherwise make.”

Nicola King who joined in from the hills of Fife in Scotland has an interesting concept in using her talents and skills. As a writer and keen blogger, she ‘ghost blogs’ for business owners who don’t have the time. She was at the cutting edge of modern networking technology with one of the other networkers immediately asking Nicola to ‘ghost-write’ some of his blogs.

Nicola said afterwards that she thought the online networking session was excellent. She said: “Living up here can be difficult to get to really high quality networking events, particularly with fuel prices going ever-higher. With a business like mine, which is largely based online, it makes sense to do the networking with an online, global group. And, of course, the fact that you don't have to ‘put your face on’ or change out of your slippers is a total bonus!”

With members from across the globe joining in, Nicola was amazed to meet another Fife resident, Annie Harrower-Gray, who also happens to be a writer. Nicola added: “I really enjoyed having the opportunity to pitch my business, and really happy to be part of iHubbub. It's just what I need to feel properly part of a community, which can be hard when you work alone.”

Co-Founder of iHubbub, Paula Wynne said: “The best part is that you don’t need to dolly yourself up, you can stay unshaven and in your jim-jams … no one will know! In this cold weather I was warm and toastie in my fleecy slippers. Beats standing at networking events in cold, high heels any day!”

Annie openly admitted during the networking that she too was in her slippers. Afterwards Annie said: “I’m not very good at selling myself, although pretty good at selling other people, that's why I'm attending these online networking sessions. I think this is a great concept which will become a great success.”

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26th February 2013

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