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Protect Yourself From COVID-19
There have already been millions of deaths due to coronavirus disease. You will still feel that there is so much left to learn about the virus. How to protect yourself, protect others, the safety measures you should take, etc. Therefore, you can visit Partida Corona Medical Center to help you with a set of guidelines to battle the COVID-19 disease. Our primary care doctor in Las Vegas can help you understand the virus, the safety measures, and how to tackle it. Visit our website to know more about our services and the disease.
Guidelines That You Must Follow
When dealing with a severe pandemic like COVID-19, you must follow specific protocols that will help you fight the virus. Some of them are as follows –
Regularly clean and disinfect
Maintain personal hygiene
Maintain a safe distance from others
Wear a mask
Sanitize yourself and your home
Build stronger immunity
Apart from these, if you speak to our Las Vegas doctor, you will get to know more about the different aspects of the disease.
Our Telemedicine Services
At Partida Corona Medical Center, we also offer a telemedicine service if you are at an unreachable distance. We provide consultation over phone or video call and can speak to you via video conferencing. We can also offer you medications wherever you are and whenever you need them. Therefore, reach out to us for our services.

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