Pin Power

Pin yourself or your business details to our home business map now and attract new clients, achieve greater awareness and publicity and to make new connections!

We have made it much easier for members to get pinned to our map with a fully informative and colourful pin.


Read on to find out how to get your profile on our home page and be visible in our searches. All you have to do is join iHubbub and complete your profile. Your profile is now automatically pinned to our map.

What Your Pins Shows Off

When you join and complete your profile, a pin is automatically pinned to our map. Your pin will show off:

  • your business profile
  • an image of you or your business logo
  • your location and how you can be contacted
  • any business product images
  • and lots of details about what you do
  • a link to your profile on iHubbub
  • and links to your website or social media networks

When our visitors click your 'pin' on the map, a pop up 'post-it note' opens and gives all your details and then links back to your profile.

Put your home business or freelancing business on the map

You can add yourself as an author, networking group, freelancer, home worker, home business, business service or expert.

Read our Pin Guidelines to be sure you get the most benefit from pinning your start up business to iHubbub's map. Pin yourself as a freelancer to iHubbub's map to get found by employers looking for freelancing consultants

Once your profile is complete your pop up on our map will be far more informative to other members and visitors searching our site.

Check out how you can get a great looking pin or search our map to see for yourself.
Go on, start pinning!

Appear On Our Home Page

Please note that your profile will not show on our home page and our search pages unless you have completed your profile.

You must complete these fields in your profile to show on our home page:

  • Job title or company summary
  • Image uploaded

Upload & Edit An Image >> and Add Title >>

Be Visible On Our Search Pages

You will not be visible on our search pages until you have added an industry term category in which you want to be found. Add Category >> and a location Add Location >>

You must complete these fields in your profile to show on our search pages:

  • Job title or company summary
  • Image uploaded
  • Completed the industry category
  • Completed your location
  • Contact terms (example: Contact me for: Interior Design)


How to put your freelance consultancy or home business on the map

Get cracking now and get your pin featured on our map so our visitors - your potential new clients - will find your business stuck into iHubbub's map!