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Top 4 Uses For Residential and Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

It's unlikely you haven't heard about power washing, pressure washing, or soft washing. These exterior cleaning services remove dirt, debris, stains, and sanitize outside surfaces. With excessive exposure to the sun, the elements, or heavy traffic, areas will not look their best. What can power washing do for you and what are the most common services professionals offer?

Cleaning Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, and Drive-throughs

The number one service pressure washing companies are providing is cleaning concrete surfaces. Concrete is likely to need power washing and can endure the high-pressure cleaning. Areas like driveways, walkways, and patios often see a ton of foot and vehicle traffic. This leads them to have more tire marks, dirt, and stains affecting their look and cleanliness. Hot water power washing can get most surfaces clean. In some cases, a cleaning agent and agitation process are required to remove tough stains.

Building Storefronts, Houses, and Roof Washing

There is a service called soft wash that works quite differently than power washing. This is fabulous for areas like your roof, siding, and stucco. These areas of your home or business can be prone to damage with high-pressure cleaning. Soft washing uses low-pressure cleaning with a biodegradable detergent. It cleans surfaces without the risk of damage and enhances the property.

Restaurant Patios, Outdoor Furniture, and Pool Decks

Soft washing and power washing are great for cleaning outside areas used for leisure. Anywhere there a people, there is likely a need to clean and sanitize. Patios, pool decks, and outdoor furniture can all benefit from regular cleanings. Keeping these areas clean will ensure families and customers will enjoy their experience.

Preparing Surfaces For Painting/Staining

Another way to use power washing is by prepping surfaces for painting or staining. A clean surface, no matter the material, is required for the paint to bond to it. Have you noticed any chipping or paint fade on your home, deck, or fence line? Power washing can remove flaky paint and provide a blank surface to apply new coats of product. Not only is it faster, but the finished product will look ten times better.

Save Time and Money With More Efficient Cleaning

Hiring a professional power washing company will save you time and money. An experienced power washing service can provide great results to reduce stress. Pressure washing and soft washing deliver a clean finish to the outside of your home or business.

Pressure Power Pros is a locally-owned and operated Mesa, Arizona pressure washing company. We are certified and provide incredible results with our exterior cleaning services. We work with residential and commercial customers, are fully insured, and are accredited by the BBB. Check out our extensive range of services to revitalize the look of your property today.